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Call me a wimp (go ahead, I don't care -- been called worse), but it's just too freakin' windy to bike on Tuesday -- something like 20 mph gusting to over 40 mph! And some of us have been on our bikes just too much lately and need a little break (I know -- hard to believe!). So we'll walk 5 miles at Battle Creek Park starting from the round pavilion with the green roof.

Use the Battle Creek Park Water Works address of 2401 Upper Afton Rd, Maplewood, MN 55109. Entrance to the parking lot is .2 miles east on your left of the 4-way stop sign at the corner of McKnight Rd N and Upper Afton Rd. The big round pavilion is right across the parking lot from the Water Park. Look for us along the western edge of the parking lot. Portable toilet there and one at the other end of the park by Lower Afton Road and/or likely indoor bathrooms open but not sure about the water situation -- bring some. 

We'll pretty much stick to the asphalt trails (turf trails could be a little muddy) and do the loop on the south side of Upper Afton Road, then come back and do an out/back section of the trail down through the ravine before circling back on trails past the Water Park to return. Here's a map of the route just for reference. Ignore the cue sheet, I didn't fix any of the cues -- mostly trail intersection stuff anyway.

Leashed dogs welcome. Questions or to let us know you'll be joining us and don't leave without you -- call or text me at 612.381.6711 or Lyle at 612.516.2053. 

Posted : May 30, 2022 4:43 pm