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Arden Hills Hike Saturday 11/25 at 11:00

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This is a mostly sheltered route starting from Cummings Park in Arden Hills. The planned route is about 4 miles total and is on a mix of paved trails, residential streets and a couple of dirt paths.

The address for the park is 1219 Cummings Park Dr, Arden Hills, MN. To get there from I-694, head north on Lexington Avenue for 0.7 miles, then turn left at the traffic light onto Cummings Park Drive. Turn right just before the water tower, follow the road almost to the park entrance sign (but before the road turns right again), and turn right into the parking lot.

There should be a portable toilet at the start, although nothing is guaranteed at this time of year. Doggie friends are welcome! Lyle's cell: 612 516 2053

Posted : November 24, 2023 4:39 pm