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1:00 Friday, February 2nd. Heavenly Trail/Another Heavenly Day

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It was a glorious ride today so I'm doing it again tomorrow and you are welcome to join me.  We will start from the front porch at 412 Dunlap Street North, also known as Carty Heights on the big sign out front & there will be water and rest room at the start.  You can park along the street in the first block just south of University Ave.  This is the center of the Midway.  The route:  Griggs down to Summit Ave and East to the Capital and then up the hill to Pennsylvania and East to the Bruce Vento Trail on Phalen Pkwy and East all the way to Johnson Pkwy and then we will take the most beautiful, glorious bike trail in the whole Twin Cities over to Lake Como with a brief rest room (the ONLY one) stop (if you want a bite to eat, we can do that too) and then South back to the ride start along Lexington and West to Griggs on the little bike trail cutoff.  Its 19 miles of smooth sailing with no salt or debris anywhere.

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