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Norco Bigfoot handling with Vee Tire Snow Avalanche 4.5 inch tires

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Norco Bigfoot rider comments wanted. I am new to fat bikes. I just finished my 3rd fat ride ever. I was on a 2 hour test ride (a big thank you to Now Bikes) with snow, crust and ice on trails as well as some pavement. I had a Bigfoot 2 with the Vee Tire Snow Avalanche 4.5 inch tires (no studs). Traction was very impressive. However, I noticed a strong tendency for the front end to try to sharpen up the turn I was making. This was a surprise to me (I didn't feel this on an Otso Voytek bike I demo'ed previously). As a newbie, I found this a bit off-putting (as in - Hey, who's driving this thing!). Did you note this effect? I was wondering if it is the bike or the tires that causes this effect. For all I know, it might be considered a good thing by more skilled riders. Any comments?

Posted : March 19, 2023 12:54 pm