Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Virtual Meeting



Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: John Benda, George Blank, Mike Kubes, Kasey Kramer, Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Dick Stardig, Bob Fix, Roger Fickbohm, and Craig Larson.

Non-Members Present: Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, Patt Seleen, and Pete Hawkins.

The meeting was called to order at 6:03pm.

The meeting minutes from August were reviewed. There was one spelling correction to be made. A motion was made by Bob to accept the corrected minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. The motion passed with no opposition.

Solo Rides/Ride Stats

Bob shared stats on solo rides with the board. As of August 27, members have ridden 27,400 miles on solo rides. In August there were 16 solo rides per week, with an average of 10 riders per ride. Information went out to ride leaders asking for volunteers for solo rides. The tech committee sent some questions about ride leader conduct/policies to leader liaisons for clarification and review. The tech committee is also discussing what the future of solo rides looks like once Covid is no longer an issue.


Bob sent a membership report out prior to the meeting. Renewal rate is down some, but the big renewal months are done for the year.


Mike gave an update on the storage locker. The remaining items can be donated to the Salvation Army or DAV. It is mostly kitchen items and some coolers that are left, along with some shelving units.


There was one accident in August. A rider went down and broke their clavicle and 6 ribs.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed funds and account balances with the board. Dues are down, newsletter revenue is down, and expenses are down. The annual charitable trust filing is due. A bill was submitted for a Zoom account for Bike U. A question was raised about if the club should have its own Zoom account? The club will set up a Zoom account for club use, and reimburse for this past months use by Bike U. Roger displayed a list of last year’s charitable contributions for review for this year. Due to Covid does the club want to donate the same amount or not? Cycles for Change no longer exists, so another charity should be chosen. Several board members will look for other charities.

Nomination Committee

John reported there are 3 people interested in the open board positions. Ann had a few suggestions as well.

Old Business

Open Ride Season

It was decided not to open the club to riding at this time.


There was no update from the seller. Ann will set up another store.

Diversity Statement

John told the board that several riders have ridden the solo ride highlighting the areas of black history. The ride will stay on the schedule.

Halloween Ride

A motion was made by George to not hold the Halloween Ride this year, it was seconded by Dick. The motion passed with no opposition.

Awards Banquet/Annual Meeting

Shelby told the board that due to the meeting being virtual, the event will most likely be scaled back. There was debate on whether riders should be presented with awards/medals this year. It was decided there will medals but no trophies. Patt S will work on the medals. The criteria will be 500 miles or 10 rides to receive a medal. Patt will get the information to Amy so it can go on the e-news.

Volunteer of the Year

Shelby will send out an email so board members can submit nominations for later voting.

Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet

There was discussion on how to organize a virtual meeting and how to handle voting for the Annual Business Meeting. The Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet will be held November 14th, and the board meeting will be November 16th. Bio’s for board members who are up for re-election and election will need to be submitted. Jim P and John will send potential board members a questionnaire. The board will have a meeting at a later date to discuss results.

Leader Gift

A motion was made by Craig to forgo the ride leaders gifts this year due to Covid, It was seconded by Mike. There was one opposition, the motion passed.

Shelby proposed changing the meeting time back to 6:30pm to allow all members to attend. The next meeting will be on October 12th.

A motion was made by Mike to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Ann. The meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.