Minutes September 2019

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Edward Eroe, Kasey Kramer, Roger Fickbohm, Mike Kubes, Fran Rabe, and Bob Fix.

Board Members Not Present: Dick Stardig and George Blank.

Non Board Members Present: Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, and Jarrod Elston.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.  The meeting minutes from August were reviewed.  There was one addition to the minutes.  A motion was made by Bob to accept the amended minutes, and it was seconded by Mike.  The motion passed with no opposition.  


Ride Stats

Bob told the board that some updates have been made to the ride calendar to make it more mobile friendly.  Michele also added a graph to show how many times a ride has been run.  


Edward stated that the committee has not met, so there was no report.

Volunteer Report

Mike informed the board that the club has been invited to participate in a Woman’s Expo.  It is a 40-dollar entrance fee, so Mike asked the board for approval for the money.  There was no opposition.  Mike also received an email from Bolder Options, looking for volunteers for bike mechanics.  They are looking for the club to get the word out about them.  Mike said something could be put on the forum on the website.  


George was absent, so there was no report.


Shelby mentioned that a tribute to Les Miner is needed for the newsletter.  There were a few suggestions for possible authors.  Mike will contact those people.  

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed account balances with the board.  There are 2 uncashed checks.  The taxes for FY 2018 have been completed.  Per Roger, the bank balances look healthy.  Roger would like to start working on the budget and present something to the board at the next meeting.  The board reviewed the list of charitable contribution recipients.  It was decided to keep the list of recipients the same and adjust the amounts slightly.  Bob made a motion to bump up 2 recipients to 400 dollars for the year andkeep the others at the same amounts as last year.  It was seconded by Mike.  The motion passed with no opposition.  

Old Business

Fall All Club Ride

The feedback from the ride was mostly good.  There were lots of compliments about the routes, but there was some confusion with the cue sheets.

Combined Meeting

Kate asked if the club was inviting sponsors to the combined meeting since it includes the banquet.  No one was opposed to inviting sponsors. Kate also inquired about presenting financial information at the meeting where sponsors could see.  Jim P will need info on opt-in for medals, proxy votes, and dinner registration and price.    Pat S will handle the opt-ins, proxy votes will go to Shelby and Kasey.  As for dinner registration, the meeting will be free for members, but non-members will pay.  The board will reach out to Evie to determine how much should be charged to non-members based on the price of food.  Jim will also need something on the website for bios for new and returning board members.

VIP Picnic

Shelby stated everything is on track for the picnic.

Halloween Ride

Mike told the board he has ridden the routes, and so far, things look good.  

Ride Cancellation Policy

The new cancellation policy had been previously sent to the board members.  Edward made a motion to approve the new policy, and it was seconded by Mike.  There was no opposition, the motion passed.  Shelby will notify Pete Hawkins to communicate the new policy to ride leaders.  

New Website Demo

Kate K and Jim P demonstrated a test version of the new club website.  It was suggested to make the photos more visible or have a way for people to upload their photos to our website.  

BOD Candidates

A closed session was held regarding the open BOD spots.  2 candidates were chosen from the applicants.  

A motion was made by Mike to adjourn the meeting at 9:00pm.  It was seconded by Kasey.  

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer