Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

October 4, 2016

Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Fran Rabe, Edward Eroe, Roger Fickbohm, George Blank, Paul Frenz, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, Shelby Miller, Pete May, and Diane Ziemer.

Non-Board Members Present: Steve Scott, Pete Hawkins, Bob Fix, Doug Nelson, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

The minutes from the August meeting were reviewed. There was one spelling error to be corrected. A motion was made by Diane to accept the amended minutes. It was seconded by Mike. Motion passes, no opposition.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed financial data with the board. All accounts have been reconciled. Money was accrued to Michelle for computer expenses. There are a few outstanding checks to be taken care of. Both assets and liabilities are slightly up, about the same as last year. Profit is down a little from last year, but expenses are also down, so it evens out. Moving the awards banquet helped save the club some money.

Budgeted money vs actual spent is pretty close. Regarding budget for 2017, the finance committee met and worked out a budget for the next year. Roger presented the budget for various areas, including awards banquet, general admin, leader training, watermelon ride, and the newsletter. A motion was made by Paul to accept new budget, and it was seconded by Edward. Motion passed, no opposition.

Reminders will go out to leaders to have them submit printing expenses.

New Board Members

Diane informed the board that there are 2 potential candidates, but the group is still working on people. Bios for the candidates up for re-election should go in the newsletter. We will also utilize the e-news for bios.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is coming up in November. Fran asked for opinions on how best to display the minutes from last year’s meeting. Overhead? Copies on each table? A potential draft/outline of who will speak at the upcoming meeting was distributed.

Questions arose regarding what to do with the money that has been accrued for Michelle for the new computer system that she has not invoiced the club for. An idea was suggested to roll accrued money forward to be used for the 2017 year.


Doug presented to the board regarding the newsletter. Work is being done on the November/December issue. Photos and bios of board members up for re-election need to be in soon if they are to go in the next issue. This issue will be the last to feature the full printed ride schedule in it.


Kate Kovar commissioned Steve to make up some calendars to be given as a thank you present to our sponsors. While making them the questions arose of do we need to ask permission of the various members in the photographs for their permission to use said photos? Is there a waiver that allows the club to use the images? The club is considering having more calendars made up and selling them if we are allowed to use the images. Steve distributed some price quotes to the board. We can either offer them for sale at the annual meeting or on the website. Pete moved to print up 100 calendars and offering them for sale at the annual meeting. Mike seconded the motion, it passed with no opposition.

The board felt that it was ok to use the images since the calendars are only to be sold to club members and photos come from the club’s website.


This agenda item was tabled so as to devote more time for board to discuss with the committee.

New Bike Membership Program

The free club membership with a new bike purchase has been going well. So far the program has led to around 73 new memberships. If we choose to do the program again next year we may need to clarify the language of the agreement.

Now Bikes

Edward presented to the board on this topic. Now Bikes is having a sale and would like to give TCBC members a first opportunity to shop (a kind of private sale for members). Is this acceptable? The board and sponsorship felt that is was ok. Emails will not be sent directly to members, but the sale will be advertised on the website and/or the e-news. Edward will talk to Now Bikes and Amy from e-news.

Checks were handed out to board members to mail out for charitable contributions.

George and Steve to work on new brochures and present at next board meeting.

Upcoming Events

Halloween Ride is Saturday, October 29th.

Annual Business Meeting is Sunday, November 6th at Crystal Lake Golf and Banquet Facility in Lakeville.

Motion made by Edward to adjourn the meeting, seconded by George.

Meeting adjourned at 8:46pm.

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.