Minutes November 2022

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

November 21, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Gordon Fink, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, Roger Fickbohm, John Benda, Ann Harris, Craig Larson.

Non-Board Members Present: Jim Pederson, Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

Election of officers was completed: President, Dick Stardig, Vice President Ann Harris and Secretary Jean Hurlbert.

The meeting minutes from October 10, 2022 were reviewed and changes made. A motion was made by Craig Larson to accept the meeting minutes as changed and seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Gordon Fink, reported for the Technology Committee.

Technology Committee is waiting to get API Key from Mary Derks to continue Neon/RideStats project.

Discussed Membership and the addition of non-binary membership sign up. John Benda has discussed with Mary Derks in Membership. Neon will allow any number of options and it was determined that it would be easy to add in Neon. Currently the RideStat system has Male, Female and Neutral. Neutral is currently being used for guest memberships. Gordon will discuss with Michele and Bob Fix how to integrate this into the RideStat system and what the cost will be to club.

The club has incurred an increase in cost for the RideStat system. Our fee is based on the number of members and it appears that the way members were calculated for this years billing is based on all members for the year, renewed or not renewed. In past years the calculation was based on membership at a particular point in time. We will review current contract and have Bob Fix try to negotiate with Michele on price or get an explanation of the pricing. The billing for FY 2020-2021 was $2,244.88 based on 1,106 members. 2022 billing is being based on 1,511 members with an increase in cost to club of about $900. Pat Diedrich will also follow up on this.

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report provided.

Reviewed Membership report provided by Membership Committee.

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

No incidents to report.

Equity Committee Report – John Benda reported for Equity Committee

John reported on Free Bikes 4 Kidz volunteer option that was lightly attended. There are more volunteer options: Saturday, December 3rd, Thursday December 8th and December 10th which is the bike give away.

We will continue to promote new member rides and will connect with the Ease into Cycling Series in the Spring.

Would like to continue growing our relationship with BikeMN. They did the training of TCBC volunteers with Bike Rodeos. BikeMN does an adult learn to ride program that the equity committee will look at getting more involved in if needed.

Discussed the TCBC website and doing further work on our mission of equity and inclusivity in the pictures and in our mission statements. Dick Stardig and John Benda are going to collaborate on this.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson

Doug visited the new printer in Burnsville and he was very pleased.

The next newsletter is being worked on and content will include a recap of annual meeting and the rider recognition. He will include information on passing of Jerry Hall.

The one area Doug requested help with is the recognition corner. The board discussed ways to get more active with this. We will include on the board agenda for each meeting and post on the Facebook Discussion Group to see if members have input.

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of October 31, 2022.
  • We had a brief discussion regarding financials since we had just completed annual meeting the weekend before.
  • Roger reviewed the change in printer that Steve Scott integrated for the club. The club has $260 in pre-paid postage and Steve Scott will work on getting it reimbursed. The future newsletter postage will be part of the printer invoice.

Old/Follow-up Business

Short-term Memberships

A temporary membership option has been added to Neon. Dick will draft verbiage to use on the website where it links to Neon. We need to update the membership that this has occurred, and Dick will put into ENews and Newsletter. He will outline that these memberships are not eligible to vote, get mailed newsletters, and that the temporary membership fee cannot be applied to the yearly membership fee.

Ride Leader Liaisons

Pete Hawkins reported that committee has names listed for new ride leader training candidates for liaison. He and Patt Seleen will reach out to these people to see if they are interested. There will be two classes for new rider leader training. One will be February and one will be in March. They are hoping to use new candidates in the March training session.

Annual Business/Recognition Meeting

Attendance – 148 people with 24 no shows. This was a 15% no show rate. Need to make it more clear in future that if people need to cancel, they need to do so by specific time so we can avoid being charged. We plan for a 10% no show rate so there is room to improve this.

A suggestion for the next banquet was to have the person checking people in come earlier to event and have them set up the check in process the way that it works for them. Suggestion was made to have this person part of the banquet committee.

We need to continue to look for ways to make presentation more visable.

New Business

Leader VIP Gift Distribution

We need to get gifts to those that were not at the banquet. Ann Harris has them at her house. Discussed doing an email to go out to the leaders giving them Ann’s email and/or phone number to coordinate receiving their gift. Jean Hurlbert will help Ann with this.

Ride Leader Picnic

June 11th at Thompson Park in West St. Paul. Pizza and beverages will be provided. Pete also mentioned that they are looking for mentors for new ride leaders.

New Board Orientation

Gordon Fink is the newest board member and we discussed the New Board Orientation guide that was put together a year ago. Gordon along with all Board Members should review this document before next board meeting.

Audit of Financials

Jake Gjorass did audit of financials and emailed recommendations to Board. This included preparing a list of key dates, processes and documents. Dick Stardig has put together a list of key dates. He reiterated the importance of back up documentation for credit card transactions. We also discussed the backup of the financial data – currently back up in computer and in drop box held by Roger. Roger also discussed we currently have only two people that can make entries in financials, Roger and Evonne Fix. The Finance Committee will look at getting an additional signer on bank account so we are covered with a second person.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, December 12th

Ride Leader Picnic, June 11, 2023

A motion was made Pat Diedrich to adjourn the meeting seconded by Craig Larson. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:13pm

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert