Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

November 15, 2016

Life Link III Board Room

Board Members present: Shelby Miller, George Blank, Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Diane Ziemer, Edward Eroe, Pete May, Bob Fix.

Board Members not present: Mike Kubes. (Mike called in via conference call for the meeting).

Non-Board Members present: Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, and Pete Hawkins.

The meeting was called to order at 6:31.

The minutes from October were reviewed. There were no corrections to be made. Pete M. made a motion to accept the minutes, and it was seconded by Diane. Motion passed with no opposition.

Board Officer Voting

The vice president and secretary position are open for the upcoming year. Fran will continue as president. Kasey volunteered to be secretary again. Shelby offered to be the vice-president. Pete made a motion to accept the Board of Directors officers, and the motion was seconded by George. No opposition, the motion passed.

Financial Report

Roger and the board did not feel that financials needed to be covered as they were just discussed at the annual meeting. There is one outstanding issue in that Michele still has not invoiced the club for technology expenses. Ginny Halloran, who usually does the audits for the club, may not have the time to be doing them anymore. So we need to be on the lookout for someone who has quick books knowledge that can do the audit.


The North Star Bike Festival is on again for 2017, but the locations are yet determined. The club will be needing people for the upcoming awards banquet. Pete asked for a list of volunteers from 2016 so as to try to select a Volunteer of the Year.

Fran proposed only doing a Membership Report every other month during the upcoming year. There was no opposition to this idea.

Upcoming Year Schedule

The Board Meetings for the upcoming year will be kept at same time and place. We will plan to not have a meeting in July, as usual. Kasey will put the meetings on the website ride schedule.

Ride Stats

Bob discussed this topic with the Board. The club was expecting an invoice and new contract from Michelle to review and approve. Bob and the technology committee have analyzed and studied the technology aspect of the club including the website and Ride Stats. Technologically speaking we are in a good position with Ride Stats and the club calendar. We are not tied to the old system completely, we could go in a different direction and survive.

We did not get a new contract yet. When a new contract is finalized and signed we need to add some additional items concerning things like Alfresco and IP House items. Michele has indicated she will invoice the club and send a contract.

Closing 2016 Ride Stats.

116 rides are left to finalize for 2016. The Leader Liaisons are following up on some rides. Many of them are rides that were not properly cancelled. There are a few ride leaders with many rides still outstanding.

Awards Banquet

The club will be looking for volunteers for the Banquet committee. We are also looking for people who can go to businesses and sponsors and ask for donations for the raffle. Ideas for the ride leader gifts were discussed.

Steve proposed/requested that the club get some more promotional items, perhaps some clothing items with the club logo.


George updated the Board on this item. The committee is still working on the language of the brochures. Steve is also looking for appropriate photos. They may have something together for the next board meeting.


Clarification regarding the rotating back page ad in the newsletter. Titanium sponsors rotate the ads on the back page of the newsletter, and the club gets the remaining 2 ads. 


Doug shared with the board that the club received a letter from someone concerned about the upcoming removal of the printed schedule from the newsletter. This person still wanted outreach rides and overnight trips printed. The plan has always been to print information about outreach rides, overnight trips, and special rides. Pete H would like to see more articles about bike maintenance and/or safety to help fulfill our educational role. Deadline for the next newsletter is December 5th.

Upcoming Events

Award Banquet is January 28th

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting, the motion was seconded by Diane. Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer