Minutes May 2023

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

May 8, 2023

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Gordon Fink, Pat Diedrich, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, Roger Fickbohm, John Benda, Ann Harris. Craig Larson, Absent: Jean Hurlbert

Non-Board Members Present: Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from April 10, 2023 were reviewed and changes made. A motion was made by Ann Harris to accept the meeting minutes as changed and seconded by Jean Bentley. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Gordon Fink

Gordon had no update as the Tech committee will meet this coming Thursday. Dick mentioned that the gender options when registering as a member are now set up as Male, Female, Non-Binary and Other. He questioned if the “Other” option was necessary. Gordon thought that may have been set up by the Membership Committee based on previous discussions of the board. However, the board’s final decision on this was to just have three gender options available – male, female and non-binary. Dick will follow up with the Membership Committee to restate this. There was also some discussion and questions about the cost estimate Michele gave the Tech Committee for making changes in RideStats to accommodate a new gender option. Gordon will follow up with the Tech Committee and Michele to see what she can do for minimal or no cost to add a non-binary field to ridestats and also to allow for this new field to show up in mileage tracking. Gordon thought it should be minimal to add the new field, but wasn’t sure about mileage tracking. If too cost prohibitive for mileage tracking, we do have the option to track the mileage manually.

Membership Committee- Disk Stardig reported on the membership report  

Membership was down 2% from last month and 3% from last year. Some members did not receive the report via e-mail, Dick will follow up and send to all members. There was discussion about upcoming events where new members can be recruited, such as Bike the Arb, Bike Swap, St Paul Classic, and TC Marathon.

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported no accidents this past month

Equity Committee Report – John Benda reported for Equity Committee

On May 3rd, Dan Miller and John Benda rode with 200+ Minneapolis Public School 4th and 5th graders on one of their annual group rides. They had a really nice weather day and there were lots of smiles as they rode a loop between the Plymouth Avenue Bridge and Stone Arch Bridge. They have another group ride on June 1st and it would be fun to get a few more club members to attend.

We have 10 volunteers signed up to help clear trash on TCBC’s section of the Midtown Greenway from the Sabo Bridge to 27th Ave West from 6:00-7:30 pm with socializing afterward. The date is May 16th. There is a sign up link and more detailed information in the Forum and on Facebook.

We are working on rolling out a monthly ride for new members and/or members who have joined and ridden very few (or no) rides with the club. Kristi Linder is helping us get the emails of these riders so we can get them an email invitation like we did last fall. We need to recruit additional ride leaders to help with these rides. These rides should begin in June.

Newsletter – No Report

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of April 30, 2023
  • Accrued Expense – $1,699.86 – Ride Stats for FY 2023 – based on 1,511 @ $2.25 = $3,399.75
  • Open Invoices for Sponsors $520.00- as of Apr 30, 2023
  • Prepaid Expense Post Office $266.56 – Steve Scott Owner & $177.83 – Thompson Park North Shelter June 25 Leader Picnic
  • Roger recommended that $3,500 of the Awards budget be moved from November to October due to timing of when these payments go through, board agreed
  • Roger encouraged the Board to review the new monthly P&L report provided

Jersey Committee – Ann Harris

Ann reported that 7 jerseys and 3 pairs of shorts sold after original store closed. She also reported that she ordered 120 pairs of socks (based on last month’s motion) and requested the board decide on a price to charge when selling socks. The cost to TCBC is about $7/pair (cost for socks, artwork, and interchange fees for accepting credit card payment). The board decided on $8/pair, as it did not seem likely all 120 pairs would be sold. The extra $1/pair will help offset costs that are not recouped through sales, and is still a very reasonable price. Any leftover socks may be used as marketing tools for recruiting new members.

Banquet Committee – Dick Stardig sent minutes via e-mail

Banquet Location. Banquets of MN in Fridley is available for either Saturday, 11/18, or Sunday, 11/19. Only the larger room is available on Saturday, though. We rented the smaller room last year. The only differences in cost from last year to this year would be that the room rental would increase from $300 to $400, and the per plate cost would increase from $22.50 to $24.00. The cost last year was based on 175 attendees. So, using that number and adding the additional sales tax and gratuity, the total estimated increase would be $457.20. The committee thought that was still a very good deal and recommended that the club use this venue for this year’s annual meeting. The committee will recommend this to the board. Dick will contact Leslie at Banquets of MN on Wednesday about holding the room until the Board Meeting on 5/8/2023. Dick found out after the committee meeting that the cost to rent the room on Sunday was less expensive than Saturday.

Banquet Date. Since the smaller room was only available on Sunday 11/19, the committee consensus was that this was the best date and would recommend that to the Board.

Banquet Presentation. The committee discussed using a second projector at the annual meeting. Dick will follow up with the Tech Committee folks to see if another projector could be borrowed and linked for the slide show.

Ride Leader Gifts. The committee discussed acquiring gift cards from Erik’s Bikes since they are our only Carbon Fiber level sponsor, and it would be a way of saying thank you and giving back to the club’s biggest sponsor. In 2019, $30 gift cards were purchased for $25 each from Erik’s as ride leader gifts. Possibly a similar arrangement can be made. The committee would recommend that to the Board.

Theme and Brochure. A theme and brochure based on that can be developed as the year progresses. 

Next meeting will be scheduled as needed.

Old/Follow-up Business

Gender ID’s – Neon and RideStats – see notes in Tech Committee

Annual Meeting – Location and Date

The Banquet Committee recommended Banquets of MN for the location and Sunday, November 19th for the date. There were some concerns about Sunday for working people. It was suggested that we could start the meeting earlier so it wouldn’t finish too late in the evening. A motion was made by Jean Bentley to hold the annual meeting on Sunday, November 19th at Banquets of Minnesota and seconded by Craig Larson. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Spring All Club-Ride – Update

Porta Potties are rented, routes are set. We need to add a B/C ride to the calendar. Jean Bentley will follow up with Doug to get this done.

VIP Picnic – Location

Dick reported that the Thompson Lake Park was not available for our date of September 12th, so the picnic will be held at Island Lake Park. Ann Harris will follow up to get this reserved.

July 4th Ride – Update

Our Permit was approved by Ramsey County and Dick will work on routes. He also talked to Dominoes about supplying pizza. We discussed the idea of asking for a $5 free will donation to help defray some costs. We could put a statement in the description when people register for the Pizza Party. There was some concern about how members may react to being asked to pay a donation for the food, but consensus was it should not be a big issue. Dick also discussed the need to have a weather contingency plan, such as delaying the start, but still provide pizza.

Nominating Committee – Update

John reported that he notified Jean Hurlbert that Rita Rowe is interested in returning to the board now that she has recovered from her injuries. Other names were discussed, but no other updates were available as to whether these members have been asked of their interest to serve. Dick will follow up with Jean H on status.

Sponsorship Committee – Nancy Quimby replacement candidates

Ann Harris notified the board that Nancy Quimby would like to resign from the Sponsorship Committee since she has relocated out of the Twin Cities. Nancy provided a summary of the responsibilities she handled and suggested skills that one would need. Kate Kovar (Sponsorship Committee Chair) has asked the board to help recruit a replacement. Kate also mentioned that at some point she should probably move out of the Chair position since she is also no longer in the Twin Cities, but she is still willing to serve.

Ann has been working with Volunteer Coordinator, Shelby Miller, and they have identified potential candidates. Dick also asked board members to submit any additional suggestions. Ann will follow up with Shelby to contact those they have identified.

 New Business

eNews Items

ENews deadline is May 15th. Potential items for inclusion include July 4th Ride, New Member Rides, June 1st Mpls Public School Group Ride; Greenway Cleanup Recap; Outreach and Overnight Rides; Ease into Biking Rides.

Fall All Club Ride Planning

Dick will talk to Tom Brix to get the Minnetonka Ice Arena area reserved. Routes may be modified for better rest stops.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, Monday, June 12th

All Club Ride – May 27, 2023

Ride Leader Picnic, June 25, 2023

A motion was made Jean Bentley to adjourn the meeting seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:17pm

Meeting minutes recorded by Pat Diedrich