Minutes May 2022

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

MAY 9, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, Craig Larson, Rita Rowe, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, Roger Fickbohm, John Benda. Absent: Ann Harris

Non-Board Members Present: Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, Amy Sitze

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from April 11, 2022, were reviewed. A motion was made by Craig Larson to accept the meeting minutes and seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

Equity Committee Report – Amy Sitze

Current Committee Members are Amy Sitze, John Benda and Dan Miller. TCBC participated in Free Bike 4 Kidz bike giveaway. 10 volunteers showed up and more volunteers could have been used. The kids were excited and the Edison Teachers were happy for the help. Dan Miller was instrumental in this Free Bike 4 Kidz location.

We discussed having table at Open Streets. July 10th is the Open Streets on Franklin. The committee would like to plan an e3 ride in the general area a week after the event allowing new riders safe area for riding.

E3 rides are looking at partnering with existing organizations and/or already existing events.


May 15th Deadline for the June/July edition of ENews

Amy is going to work with Jim Pederson on using more direct links on the ENews that link directly to the appropriate web site location. This would include policies like the Ebike Policy.

Dick Stardig will write up July 4th Club Ride.

Looking for someone to do recap of Free Bikes 4 Kidz Edison High Event

People needed to do information on outreach rides, Iron Range, Wobegon Trail, Tour of Saints (Steve Scott said he would do this).

RideStats and Technology – Dick Stardig, reported for the Technology Committee.

Gordon Fink is chairman of committee and working with Michele on implementing the API; New software for the Florida Group that Michele is building is still on hold.

Website – start times are being truncated by ride name. This is a technical issue that Jim Pederson and Bob Fix indicated was an Iframe issue in RideStats to the web. This problem is especially challenging when a phone is being used to look at schedule.

The Ride with GPS training was informative and there is possibility of more training in the future. Past training is available on YouTube Channel.

We currently have 317 Instagram Followers and 471 Facebook Discussion Group Members.

Gordon Fink will be reaching out to Ride Group Leaders regarding co-posting rides on TCBC and Meetup sites. The process is simple but leaders must be event coordinators in meet up.

There was a question about errors when scheduling. Leaders can’t seem to delete the ride leaders not involved in ride. At this point there is no fix to this issue and ride leader needs to enter new ride template.

Finance Committee is recommending Zoom via Tech Soup. However, it does not allow update to larger groups which we often have to do. Decided to keep Zoom as is. We will look at updating to annual plan to save some money.

Technology Committee does not meet for the remainder of the summer

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report provided.

Dick Stardig made a motion to start survey group ASAP on memberships that did not renew and this motion was seconded by Jean Hurlbert. There was no opposition, the motion passed. Request for this was sent to Membership Committee.

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

There were no accidents to report.  

Newsletter – Doug Nelson reported on Newsletter

Doug said that we promoted 6 rides in next newsletter and he was pleased with this as it felt somewhat normal post CoVid.

Mike Kubes was handling recognition corner in the past and this area needs to be filled in with items for the future.

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of April 30, 2022
  • Reviewed April 30, 2022 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss and transactions.
  • We have received a Bank Debit Card, and this has been used for two transactions to date.
  • Zoom is charging tax so we will work on getting this to be a tax-free transaction.
  • Neon continues to work well and we have one month left of remaining credit from the negotiation done for this platform.
  • We have no uncashed checks and one open invoice for sponsor of $940
  • Revenue reported of $4,200 was the highest one month reported revenue since 2017.

Old/Follow-up Business

2022 Budget

Roger, Dick and Pat met and have been working on the annual budget. Items that were not on past budget to consider: Membership Software, July 4th Club Ride, Twin Cities Marathon Expo Booth, Open Streets. Board reviewed the 2022 budget and Jean Hurlbert made a motion to pass budget presented to board, seconded by Rita Rowe. There was no opposition and budget approval passed.

Ride Leader Training/Forum Updates

We currently have 140 qualified ride leaders. Liaisons are still trying to catch up with ride leaders that have not done online training.

Our current ride leader liaisons have been doing this for many years and would like the board to work on getting new people to form this committee. We have asked the current committee to give any recommendations and/or suggestions of people for this.

Spring All Club Ride

Things are in place for this ride. Cue Sheets, maps and routes are looking good. Jim Pederson is opening the registration for the different mileage options for ride.

July 4th Club Ride Event

Discussion of ride was centered around food options for after ride

  • Costco Burgers – least expensive most volunteer extensive
    • Box Lunches – Panera could do a 11/each for cost of 1,100 (for 100 riders)
    • Food Truck Options – discussed intricacies of this including having public in line with group, the wait time for each member, getting one during holiday.
    • Pizza was mentioned. Jean Bentley will get cost of this option. Discussed if we did this option and used delivery having two delivery times.

Once Jean B has information we will have email discussion about which options works best.

Strategic Planning

Set up Happy Hour on Tuesday May 19th at 5:30 at Malcom Yards – this date and time was confirmed.

Annual Business Meeting/Recognition Banquet – proposed for November 19th

Had discussion on banquet location.

  • Fridley – a facility used in the past and room rate deposit was $300 with cancellation or reschedule transfer date option. $22/person. Rita Rowe was going to stop by Fridley to preview venue. Ann Harris said the last time we had a banquet there the sound quality was not good. We got confirmation of $300 deposit (Dick Stardig main contact with facility)
  • Andover is $750 nonrefundable/ $25/Person (Rita Rowe main contact with facility)
  • Town and Country is $700 nonrefundable/ $30/person (Ann Harris main contact with facility)
  • Ann Harris and Rita Rowe spent considerable time trying to find venues that were URBAN as that was our original suggestion and club request. Venues in the cities were substantially costlier.

As of meeting time we’re going to connect with Ann Harris when she returns from vacation and we will make vote via email.

VIP Picnic – September 15th

This topic was tabled to next meeting.

New Business

St Louis Park – looking for ride leaders for community rides.

Board determined that because of insurance issues this would not be a good fit for TCBC. Dick will reach out to contact and suggest they reach out to MN Bike Alliance or a LAB Instructor.

Fall All Club Ride – Date September 3rd

Ride Organizers are Dick Stardig and Tom Brix

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, June 13, 2022

Strategic Planning Happy Hour, May 19th

Club Ride, July 4th

Fall All Club Ride, Sept 3rd

VIP Picnic, Sept 15th

Banquet, November 19th

A motion was made Jean Bentley to adjourn the meeting seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert