Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting
Life Link III Board Room

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Mike Kubes, Kasey Kramer, EdwardvEroe, Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Fran Rabe, George Blank, Bob Fix, Roger Fickbohm, and Dick Stardig.

Non-Board Members Present: Steve Scott, Doug Nelson, and Pete Hawkins.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

The meeting minutes from April were reviewed, there were no corrections to be made. A motion was made by Bob to approve the minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. The motion passed with no opposition.

Ride Stats

Bob stated that there have been a few issues with Ride Stats in the last month, mostly with mobile devices. Michele has fixed them as well as they can be at this point. There was an update for “special characters” that was leading to new rides being rejected.

Technology Committee

Edward told the board the committee discussed a new website, but there is nothing final yet. There was a discussion about the meetup group, if there could be a way to link our two calendars. Edward has done several rides with the meetup group and felt things were going well and our policies were being followed. The subject was brought up on whether to keep the meetup group “public” or “private” on the website. If the site is private, then the calendar is not able to be viewed by the public. Once a group is made private it cannot be made public again. Pictures and comments are not visible to the public either. Edward will discuss this with the committee soon. Some meetup ride leaders have asked for more of the club ride leaders to use the meetup site. Pete H will send out a message to ride leaders about using the meetup site. There was also the suggestion to market the club jersey more on the website. Edward will follow up on this.

The meetup group leaders had a question about doing a “fallen officer” ride. Fran will recommend they reach out to the leader liaisons. Ann discussed an issue brought forth by Linda Johnson. There is a lag in how long it takes Linda to get a request once someone purchases something from the club’s website. Jim P explained it is due to Neon membership and the store module it uses. Purchases are going through the membership website. Jim could set up an e-commerce store on the website to make it easier and quicker. The board discussed streamlining the purchasing process to make it better. Bob will do some follow up about notifications.

GPS Letter

Shelby received an email from a rider who went on a ride and used a Ride with GPS link, and the
ride route was changed a few hours before the ride, so the GPS route was wrong. Shelby will follow up with a reply.


Mike reviewed sales of jerseys and merchandise for the year.
Mike supported putting a link to merchandise on the meetup group website.

Watermelon Ride

Sign up/registration for the Watermelon ride has not yet been put up, but volunteer registration has. Mike created 3 “kitchen supervisor” positions for volunteers. Mike also told the board the North Star Bike Fest has officially been cancelled.


George told the board there were 2 accidents on “C” rides. 1 was a trail that was blocked, and a rider rode over it and went down. The other was a bump from a car.


Doug stated the new edition was out. Doug has requested for people to write articles on some of the sponsor groups listed on the front of the newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed account balances with the board. There are 2 outstanding checks. The treasurer has lost the old backup checks. Bremer Bank has been notified and a stop payment has been issued on all unused checks. Roger reminded the board that the annual charitable filing needs to be completed.

Combining Annual Meeting/Banquet

Pete H passed out a worksheet with 7 years of financial data totaling the amount spent on the two meetings. The amount spent has been going down in recent years. What financial impact would combining the two meetings have for the club? Pete H felt that there is potential to save money by
combining the meetings, depending on the cost of renting a room and food. Mike suggested first moving the business meeting to a more centrally located place to see if attendance goes up, and then go from there. The next steps will be to look at how many people attended each meeting and see what price quotes the club has acquired.

Winter Festival

Edward told the board that in March of 2020 there will be an event in Minneapolis, the Fastenal Parallel 45 Winter Festival. The idea is to get the word out to bicycling communities since there will be bike events at the festival. It was suggested something could go up on the website at some point.

Membership Advocacy

The question was raised does the club need to form some kind of membership advocacy or member recruitment? Do we need a committee? One of the new meetup members is very interested in helping with this idea. This will be discussed again at a later date.

A motion was made by Bob to adjourn, and it was seconded by Mike. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm as there was no opposition to adjourning.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.