Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Mike Kubes, Bob Fix, Kasey Kramer, Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, George Blank, Roger Fickbohm, Edward Eroe, Pete May, and Fran Rabe.

Non-Board Members Present: Paul Frenz, Doug Nelson, Lyle Quimby, Bob Brown, and Nancy Quimby. Kate Kovar and Jim Pederson called into the meeting via conference phone.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm

The meeting minutes from April were reviewed. There was one spelling correction to be made. A motion was made by Bob to accept the corrected meeting minutes, and it was seconded by Pete M. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Technology Committee/Ride States/Calendar

Bob spoke to the board regarding ride stats. Jim P has been communicating bugs to Michele. There currently is no way to vet the rides for approval before they go on the ride calendar. Kate suggested that the board inform ride leaders that with the new calendar rides are being submitted that do not/will not follow the ride key or ride rules, and they are no longer being reviewed prior to posting. The board questioned if there will be problems with insurance and liability. Several ideas and options were discussed. It was decided that Lyle and Jim cannot police rides, they can approve events but beyond that they have little control. They will not be held accountable for ride approval. Also, that the board needs to make sure that the ride leader liaisons are ultimately responsible for ride leader issues and leaders who abuse the system, and that the liaisons report back to the board with any issues.

Currently the TCBC risk management policy states that all rides must be properly approved and screened. There are potential liability issues if ride leaders can change rides up until the ride start time. The club may have to change the risk management policy to reflect the change to the scheduling system. Michele will be asked if the calendar can be changed so that once a ride is scheduled the leader cannot change the ride category after the ride has been posted to the calendar. Pete Hawkins will need to be consulted on these issues and how they impact the club insurance.

Jersey Committee

Mike informed the board that the website for the new jersey and merchandise is live. Ride leaders who are eligible received their codes for their discount.

Volunteer Committee

Mike stated the invite for the North Star Bicycle Festival has been received. Hugh will be taking care of this. Sign up for volunteers is on the website. Watermelon Ride volunteer requests will go live on the website soon.

Letter to the Board

The board received an email from someone expressing concern regarding posts about a former member on the club website. The board opted to take no action and leave the posts.


George told the board there were no accidents to report.


The membership report was sent late, board members did not have a chance to review it prior to the meeting. A quick review of it during the meeting showed total membership at 1422 members. Change to membership over the past 5 years is about -17%.


Doug stated there will be more historical stuff in the next issue of the newsletter, and lots of ads. The next issue should be finished soon.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed the financial information and account balances with the board. The Annual Charitable Trust Filing is due. The new Blue Pay process is working really well. We continue to carry a $1175 expense from a sponsor who ran advertising but didn’t pay. The club will probably have to write off.

Riding Rules # 4 and 6

There was a post made to the forum from a ride leader regarding the wording of some club rules. Paul Frenz brought these rules to the board for discussion and approval of potentially changing the wording. For Rule #4, which stated that “The use of cell phones is prohibited while riding” will be changed to “The making of and answering calls on a cell phone is prohibited while riding”. Rule #6 applied to children on a club ride who were in a bike carrier. The rule originally said, “Small children who are not riding a bike must be in a child seat affixed to the bike, on a tag-a-long or in an attached bike trailer.” But the rule did not state the child needed to wear a helmet. The rule will be changed to Small children who are not riding a bike must wear an approved helmet and be in a child seat affixed to the bike, on a tag-a-long or in an attached bike trailer”. A motion was made by Bob to accept the changes to the club rules, and it was seconded by Ann. The motion passed with no opposition.

MN Charitable Organization Report

Fran presented a copy of the Charitable Organization document for board approval. Fran has handled the filing of this for the board for several times in the past. The board needs to approve the filing and it needs to be signed. No questions were raised by any board members. A motion was made by Kasey to approve, and it was seconded by George. The motion passed with no opposition.

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Pete M. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer