Meeting Minutes for TCBC

March 4, 2024

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present:  Dick Stardig, Jean Bentley, Gordon Fink, Rick Okada, Craig Larson, Pat Diedrich, John Benda, Jean Hurlbert, John Rogers and Roger Fickbohm

Non-Board Members Present:  Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm. 

Reviewed the meeting minutes from February 12, 2024.  A motion was made by Pat Diedrich and seconded by Gordon Fink to accept the meeting minutes as amended.   There was no opposition, the motion passed.

 Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Gordon Fink reported for Technology Committee

Kate Kovar has stepped away from the Technology Committee as well as the Sponsorship Committee.  Mike Beadles and John Rogers are now the primary forum moderators.  Bob Fix is the back up.  Technology Committee chair will inform the Sponsorship Committee of website changes that may affect the advertisers.  The sponsorship chair does not need to be part of the Technology Committee.

The Neon API User permissions have been updated and updates to RideStats takes considerably less time.  We don’t’ expect any further updates to RideStats for this ride season.  A couple of bugs are currently being worked on.  Bob Fix has been working on additional videos explaining this season’s changes. 

We have tabled the long-term plan of bridging the Meetup and RideStats system.  We continue to add meet up members and meet up members have been joining Zwift rides. 

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report sent. 

Board reviewed the February renewal and new member numbers.  Our renewal rate continues to decline.  

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

No accidents to report

Equity Committee Report – John Benda reported for Equity Committee

John reported that we did not receive the $1,500 SPARK mini grant from LAB.

John reported that the Equity Committee did not get good response from the Twin Cities Pride Event and they turned down our request to be part of the event.

John has received information from  Their annual event and mission is to be the largest annual wheelchair sports and rehabilitation event for military veterans.  They are planning to come to Minnesota on July 22, 2025.  They are looking for volunteers to help with this event.  A motion was made by Rick Okada to have Equity Committee do further research about the ride and how many people would be needed. This motion was seconded by Pat Diedrich.   There was no opposition, the motion passed.

John received a call from organizer of Twin Cities Marathon and the Get in Gear.  They are looking for bike riders to lead out the runners.  Board asked if we agreed to volunteer if we could get a discount on the Twin Cities Marathon Expo.  John will talk to them further. 

Upcoming events include Greenway Clean Up, BikeMN Learn to Ride Program, Bike Rodeos and continue New Member Rides. 

Newsletter – Doug Nelson

Doug checked in with Karen May about printing some old cartoons of Pete May and she gave her approval. 

Newsletters Page 4, where it lists Volunteers/Key Volunteers, Jim Pederson is listed including a phone number – this will be omitted.  Don Picard is listed as Public Relations with phone number – this will be updated to Photographer without the phone number. 

Next Newsletter deadline is April 8th

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

Roger reviewed the financials. 

  • Operating Funds Account # 100-10 – $15,532
  • Operating Reserve Savings # 101-10 – $3,137.26
  • Certificate of Deposit Matures July 2024 #101-20 $40,000 – Includes $19,000 Restricted Funds
  • Bank accounts reconciled to Bremer Bank as of February 29, 2024
  • All known invoices and deposits have been processed and posted.
  • Accrued Expense – $1,096.52 – Ride Stats for FY 2024 – based on 2023 actual.
  • Open Invoices for Sponsors $720 as of Feb 29, 2024.
  • Prepaid Expense $404.91 – Site Ground – Expense $44.99/month and $151.38 for June 2024 VIP Picnic.

Old/Follow-up Business

Annual Meeting and Recognition Banquet

Jean Bentley contacted Banquets of MN and they are available for meeting on November 16th or November 17th.  Sunday, November 17th was less expensive.  Per plate charge increased from 25.00/plate to $26.59/plate.  We will need to make a $300 deposit within the next five days to reserve space.  A motion was made by Jean Bentley to reserve the Banquet Hall for Sunday, November 17th.  This motion was seconded by Rick Okada.   There was no opposition, the motion passed

Jean Bentley and Dick Stardig will take care of making deposit and reserving the date.

New Business

                Ride Coordinator Volunteer Position

Rick Okada gave a description of an at-will volunteer position of Ride Coordinator.  Rick Okada along with Director Jean Bentley and Director Jean Hurlbert and in consultation with Mary Derks made a motion that the Twin Cities Bicycling Club create an at-will volunteer position of “Ride Coordinator” to be filled by Mary Derks. 

In keeping with current club policy of allowing ride leaders to volunteer to lead rides as they are able, it is the duty of the Ride Coordinator to proactively assess the ride calendar on a regular basis and encourage ride leaders to voluntarily fill in the gaps regarding days of the week, time of the day, location and ride level based on feedback from the rider survey. 

It is the Ride Coordinator’s responsibility to solicit additional volunteers as needed to share the duties of this position, with assistance from the Volunteer Coordinator and the Board of Directors as necessary. 

The duties and responsibilities of Ride Coordinator shall be explained at all ride leader training programs. 

The motion was seconded by Jean Bentley.  There was no opposition, the motion passed. 

Member/Ride Leader Surveys

Board had discussion about the Rider and Ride Leader Surveys that were sent by the Ride Coordinator Committee to the Board for review.  The Equity Committee had also met and discussed a survey.  The Board opted to postpone releasing the survey until after John Benda has had a chance to review the proposed surveys with the Equity Committee.  The Board agreed and all agreed that we wanted to present results of survey at the April 16th Rider Leader Forum.  John will collaborate with Equity Committee and Ride Coordinator Committee to get a final version of the survey. 

Rick Okada made a motion to send Rider Survey, once in final form, to membership and general public.  The motion was seconded by Pat Diedrich.  There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Rick Okada made a motion to send Ride Leader Survey, once in final form, to Qualified Ride Leaders.  The motion was seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Finance Committee Recommendations

The Finance Committee met and reviewed items related to budget shortfalls from the financials and from recommendations from Jake Gjorass, Auditor.  The Committee gave some ideas to Board.

  • Increase Membership Dues.  The last membership increase was done in November 2013 dues were raised from $25 to $30 for Individual Memberships and $35 to $45 for Household Membership.  Suggested doing an increase for the 2025 ride year of $5 making Individual Memberships $35 and Household Memberships $50. 
  • Stop printing newsletters.  40% of newsletters go out by mail and this expense offsets the income from advertising revenue.  Board recognized that we would need to talk with Sponsorship Committee.  Craig Larson will contact Mike Kubes and Kate Kovar about moving Newsletter to Email only format.  We also discussed that we are using a paid position to help put together Newsletter perhaps there is a volunteer available.    Doug Nelson, Newsletter Editor commented that he is totally ok with whatever the Board decides.  He also let Board know he would like retire from the editor position in or before 2029.
  • Storage Rental Fee – Doug Nelson agreed to do inventory of storage unit to see the viability of this fee. 
  • Charge Fee for Annual Meeting and Recognition Banquet.  The Board all agreed to this.  Pat Diedrich made a motion to charge $15/member and $30/non-member to attend.  The motion was seconded by John Benda.  There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Dick Stardig indicated that the Board should take its time and carefully consider the other options.  The 2024 budget will not need to be started on until August and finalized in October.

Nominating Committee

Dick Stardig will reach his 6-year term limit on the Board so we need to establish a nominating committee to start looking for a Board replacement.  Pat Diedrich agreed to be Board Volunteer and work on putting together a Nominating Committee. 

All Club Rides

The site for the Spring All Club Ride has been secured in Hugo and we just need to reserve Port-A-Potties.  Dick will talk to Tom Brix about reserving Minnetonka City Hall for Fall All Club Ride. 

New Member Welcoming Committee

Deb Eardley has agreed to chair this Committee.  Although the Board knows that email welcoming letters are sent out, we are wondering if we should do more to reach out to welcome new members.  Jean Bentley will talk with Deb. 


March 15th ENews should include Spring All Club (Jean B), Ride Leader Forum (Pete Hawkins), Swap Meet – (Jean B will talk to Linda Johnson), Scheduled Weekend Trips (Dick), Bike U Programs (John B). 

Meeting Date Changes

Changed the April Board Meeting to April 15th – Pat Diedrich agreed to take minutes.

Changed the October Board Meeting to October 21st

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, Monday, April 15th (instead of April 8th)

Ride Leader Forum, Tuesday, April 16th Via Zoom

A motion was made by Jean Bentley seconded by Pat Diedrich to adjourn the meeting.   There was no opposition, the motion passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:02pm

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert