Minutes June 2022

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

JUNE 13, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Pat Diedrich, Rita Rowe, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, Roger Fickbohm, John Benda. Absent: Craig Larson, Jean Hurlbert

Non-Board Members Present: Doug Nelson, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from May 9, 2022 were reviewed. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich to accept the meeting minutes as amended and seconded by John Benda. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology

Dick Stardig reported that the Technology Committee does not meet during the summer, therefore there is no report.

Membership Committee

Dick Stardig reviewed the membership report and reported that membership numbers are holding steady. As of the end of May, we had 1,095 members.

Safety Committee

Jean Bentley stated there were no accidents to report for May.

Equity Committee

John Benda reported that TCBC is participating in a Bike Rodeo that is hosted by the SE Como Energy Fair at Van Cleve Park in Minneapolis. He currently has 6-7 volunteers, but could use more. He also reported that TCBC will have a table at Open Streets on Franklin Ave on July 10th to promote the club. They plan to have trivia questions about bicycling safety and offer prizes. He indicated we may need to budget some expense for prizes in addition to the already approved cost to host the table of $125.


Doug Nelson reported that 20 articles were sent to Steve for the newsletter, but there were not many submissions for the Recognition Corner. The board recommended a few ideas for recognition and Doug will follow up and provide to Steve by the June 14th deadline.

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of May 31, 2022
  • The costs for the porta potties for the Spring All Club ride were not received in time to be reported on the May income statement, they will be reported in June (about $400)
  • Debit Card is being used for Zoom and Postage, Roger is getting more comfortable with using it for certain transactions.
  • Still working on getting sales tax exemption from Zoom charges.
  • Budget was approved last month and is now incorporated into the financial statements.
  • Neon continues to work well. We used up the remaining credit in May. The merchant fees as a percentage of dues revenue are considerably lower than Cardpoint.
  • Total dues revenue for May was down slightly from last year.

Old/Follow-up Business

Spring All Club Ride

Dick reported that the ride went really well. Doug said it was Pete Hawkins’ idea to delay the start due to weather, and that turned out to be a smart decision. Doug said he learned how to send a mass e-mail about the delayed start to all who had registered.

July 4th Club Ride Event

The board had discussions via e-mail regarding food for the July 4th Ride and decided on pizza. A pizza party has been listed as an event on the calendar for people to register, which will help us determine how much pizza to buy. During the meeting we discussed the need for volunteers to bring drinks, ice, coolers, take delivery of pizza, and clean up after the event. Doug mentioned the club has coolers in storage. Rita mentioned she also has plenty of coolers, and offered to pick up drinks, ice and provide the coolers. Jean B questioned the need for bottled water as riders will have their own bottles and water is available at the venue. She was concerned about the use of plastic and not being very green. We discussed various options for providing drinks, such as a large beverage dispenser (concern about everyone touching the spigot and spreading germs), cans of soda and cans of sparkling water. It was determined to provide cans of soda and sparkling water. We also discussed ideas for special dietary requests, such as veggie and gluten free.

  • Pizza Order – Dick Stardig to place order (will order various pizzas, including veggie only and gluten free)
    • Drinks, Ice and Coolers – Rita Rowe (Dick to give Rita an idea of how much to get)
    • Take Delivery of Pizza – Roger FIckbolm will check his calendar to see if he can be available at the time pizza is delivered (in batches between 1pm and 2pm).
    • Clean Up – Ann Harris, Pat Diedrich (bring extra garbage bags)

Annual Business Meeting/Recognition Banquet

Dick asked the board to think about theme ideas for the banquet. We had discussion about the need to form a committee to plan the event. Dick will follow up with Shelby to see if he has a list of tasks related to the planning of the last event in 2019. Knowing what tasks need to be done will help us determine if we need to recruit volunteers and what tasks they could do. Ann Harris offered to help with planning, but will be out of town for two weeks leading up to the event. One task that needs to be started early is soliciting sponsors (and other companies) for door prizes.

VIP Picnic – September 15th

Ann reported that the Island Lake Picnic Shelter has been reserved for September 15th. Volunteers are needed to coordinate decorations, food and beverages. Ann, Pat and John volunteered to help coordinate. Dick will follow up with Shelby to confirm the VIP list.

TC Marathon Booth

Ann reported on the demographics of those attending the Twin Cities Marathon and how everyone who registers for the marathon will have to come through the venue to pick up their packets. There will be over 40,000 people who come through the expo, so lots of opportunity to sign up new members for TCBC.

Ann indicated a need to get more stickers and magnets for giveaways. We will also have a sign up board with a QR code at our booth to help people signup for TCBC membership. Ann recommended offering an additional incentive of a TCBC t-shirt for those who sign up for membership at the Expo. She discussed pricing for t-shirts depending on how many would be ordered, and also pricing for having the logo printed just on one side vs both sides. Prices ranged from $9.70 to $13.20 per t-shirt depending on printing and volume. The board discussed the idea at length and whether or not we wanted to invest the dollars after already paying for the booth. If we have extra t-shirts, they could be sold at cost and/or offered as prizes at our annual meeting. It was suggested that Ann send a written proposal via e-mail to the entire board (as a few members were absent from the meeting) and it could be discussed and a decision made via e-mail.

Ride Leader Liaison New Committee Candidates

Dick reminded the board that Pete had suggested at the prior meeting that we should start identifying potential candidates to be trained to be ride leader liaisons. We need to get new people involved in various committees to ensure ongoing success. Dick asked the board to send any suggestions for ride leader liaisons to the board and to the ride leader liaison committee members.

New Business

Short Term Memberships

Dick had sent information to the membership committee and board via e-mail prior to the meeting about offering temporary memberships to try and increase membership levels and make membership more affordable to those who are interested in trying out the club but may be concerned about the cost. Mary Derks had provided some feedback and questions for the board via e-mail, which was discussed at the meeting. The main suggestion was to offer a 30 day membership for $10. Some questions were whether or not that $10 could be applied to an annual membership or whether or not a person could sign up for multiple months at $10. The main consensus was to offer a 30 day membership for $10 only once per year and it would not be applied to an annual membership. Dick will discuss further with the membership committee on how to get this set up in Neon and further board discussion will be done via e-mail.

Saint Paul Classic

Dick discussed the upcoming St Paul Classic ride put on by Bike MN and how in the past we have listed this as an OutReach Ride and volunteers were requested to help out at the event and help with helmet fitting. Dick will talk with Shelby (Volunteer Coord) about putting out a notice to request volunteers and direct them to BikeMN website. We also discussed various sponsorship levels and how having a booth at the event could help market TCBC and possibly sign up new members. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich and seconded by John Benda to sponsor a booth for $250 at the Community Sponsor level. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The sponsorship includes additional advertising for the club, space for a booth, and two free registrations for the ride. Dick will also ask Shelby to help organize volunteers to work the booth (and do helmet fitting). John Benda will follow up with Roger to get the sponsorship paid.

Fall All Club Ride

Dick reported that Tom Brix has reserved the spot at Minnetonka City Hall. Dick asked if we want to have police support at the beginning of the ride and the board all agreed we should for additional safety. Last year the cost was $180, we assume it will be the same this year. The board discussed having different ride levels for the same distances posted on the calendar. As long as there are ride leaders to lead various rides and different levels, we will post separate rides for each level and distance.

Halloween RIde

We need to find a volunteer to coordinate this ride and set a date. It will be either October 29 or 30th. Dick will reach out to Craig and Alex who coordinated last year to see if they are willing to coordinate again this year.

Green Miles Suggested Changes

A request came through from a TCBC member to make some changes to the green mile program. After discussion with Jim from the tech committee, it was determined that the programming needed to make the changes was not worth the effort and there were also insurance issues associated with the requested changes. The board decided against making the suggested changes and Dick will inform the member who made the request.

Ride with GPS Incentives for New Club Account Members

Dick reported that Alex (RWGPS Relationship Manager) would like to offer various incentives to club users. The board agreed that we would advertise these incentives on the forum.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting August 1, 2022

There will be no board meeting in July, and it was requested to move the August meeting up a week due to scheduled vacations.

A motion was made Pat Diedrich to adjourn the meeting seconded by John Benda. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:37pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Pat Diedrich