Minutes June 2021

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

June 14, 2021

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, Mike Kubes, John Benda, Dick Stardig, Craig Larson, Roger Fickbohm

Non-Board Members Present: Pete Hawkins, Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott

The meeting was called to order by Shelby Miller at 6:30 pm. The meeting minutes from May 10, 2021 were reviewed. A motion was made by Mike Kubes to accept the meeting minutes, and seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

There is a current board vacancy due to the resignation of Tammy McLemore. Shelby recommended that Pete Hawkins fill the vacancy. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich to appoint Pete Hawkins to the open board position and was seconded by Jean Hurlbert. Pete agreed to serve for the remainder of this year. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

Ride/Stats and Technology – Mike Kubes provided an update from Technology Committee.

  • Chuck Faison will reach out to Meetup members to remind them they can attend one TCBC ride for free, but then will need to join TCBC in order to participate in additional TCBC rides.
  • Use the Forum to remind members of videos available on how to create/print ride sheets from Ride with GPS.
  • Jim P mentioned there were questions about members having access to the TCBC paid RWGPS program, especially to be able to get verbal turn by turn instructions. Currently the paid version is only available to Ride Leaders.
  • Need to add information on Facebook Group and Discussion pages on how people can join TCBC
  • Ride Stats Program has the ability to track membership information. Mike will talk with Membership Committee to explore the idea of combining membership program and ride stats program.
  • Last 30 days there were 151 rides scheduled, with 3 canceled.
  • 379 members rode a ride and we had 23 guests.
  • Overall there were 1725 members on a ride.
  • The type of rides are as follows: A-1, AB-55, B-36, BC-19, C-35 and Outreach was 1.
  • Rider status of riders: 1699 were current members and 26 were expired.
  • New members rides were: AB-42, B-44, BC-19 and C-22.

Volunteer Committee – Mike Kubes provided an update from the Volunteer Committee.

  • Special Olympics is looking for volunteers to teach participants how to ride a bicycle. Mike can submit information about this for the newsletter

We still have no volunteer for Bike U Coordinator we will keep reporting this open position in newsletters and ENews.

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported that we received numbers from Bob Fix for current Membership.

  • Total members increased by 97 during May (both new and renewed). We had 98 brand new members over the last 2 months.
  • Received feedback from membership committee regarding potential proposal of reducing membership fees for new members. After reviewing the feedback, the board decided to not move forward with discounts at this time. More information about the breakdown between new members and renewing members versus pre-pandemic times was requested.

Safety Committee – Dick Stardig reported there were three accident reports filed for the month of May.

  • Rider had a mechanical issue and was unable to clip out and fell in the grass. Rider to follow up with doctor regarding hurt shoulder.
  • Rider was over exerted, was unable to clip out and fell, resulting in broken hip and other minor abrasions. 911 was called and police and ambulance were involved
  • Riders were going around a corner with some rocks/gravel. First rider went down, second rider also went down. Riders had only minor skin abrasions and were able to continue with the ride.

Pete Hawkins also mentioned there were some riders who had trouble on rides with the excessive heat. Recommendations were made to add information to ENews and Rider Forums reminding members of heat related safety precautions.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson provided an update for the Newsletter.

Doug put out an appeal on the forum asking for article submissions. He received one from Dan Miller. He also recognized Dick Stardig, who submitted three articles for the newsletter.

Steve Scott mentioned he had been talking with some advertisers who were wondering if there is a trend to not advertise with the club. Kate Kovar mentioned that we had lost a few sponsors, but we also have fewer newsletters and we currently have enough advertising revenue to offset the cost of the newsletters.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Fickbohm submitted the May Treasurers’ Report (this is Roger’s 10th anniversary of serving as the board’s treasurer.)

  • Reviewed Balances as of May 31, 2021
  • Reviewed Annual Comparison
  • Reviewed May 31, 2021 Balance Sheet
  • Reviewed May 31, 2021 Profit and Loss, actual vs budget and by class
  • Profit YTD was ahead of budget and ahead of last year

Equity Committee – John Benda provided an update from the Equity Committee

  • Ambassador Training with Bike MN was held. Seven people participated and are now certified to lead Bike Rodeos for Youth and are seeking out events with which to hold these rodeos.
  • E^3 Rides (Easy, Educational, and Enjoyable) will begin this week from Como Park. Jean Bently and Dan Miller will be leading rides. A comment was raised regarding this being a good ride for children/grandchildren of members. Pete Hawkins reminded everyone that minors must be accompanied by a guardian, and the guardian must sign a special waiver for minors.

Old/Follow-up Business

Check-in re resumption of group riding/protocols, etc.

Dick Stardig mentioned that the ride leader briefing cards are no longer consistent with updated protocols. Pete Hawkins and Patt Seleen will work with Steve Scott to get them updated. Pete will also check with Chuck Faison regarding his meetup ride to make sure he removes the $3 fee requirement for nonmembers from his ride description on the meetup site.

Solo Ride Update

Shelby reported that there is a small group of members who are still requesting solo rides with insurance. The insurance company will not cover insurance for riders on solo rides, and there are other issues to consider with solo rides as well (technology issues, basic vision of the club, etc).  

New Business

Updates for media kit?

Kate Kovar asked if there will be any updates/changes to the media kit. There are no planned changes at this time.

Board Meetings

  • The board traditionally would not meet in July, but it was decided to hold a shortened meeting with abbreviated committee reports on July 12th.
  • The board decided to continue the meeting start time of 6:30pm
  • The board decided to continue to meet via Zoom

Nominating Committee

A nominating committee will need to be formed, which includes as least one board member. There will be three board vacancies that need to be filled at the next annual meeting. This will be discussed in more depth at the July board meeting. Board members are encouraged to announce at rides that there will be 3 openings and if anyone is interested in serving, they can contact one of the board.

Maps/Cue sheet at ride start

There was discussion regarding rides where leaders were no longer providing a printed map or cue sheet. Even though members can access ride route using Ride with GPS, there are many members who do not have (or don’t know how to use) the technology, or are unable to print the routes. Pete Hawkins and Patt Seleen will use the Ride Leader Forum to address the necessity of ride leaders having cue sheets/maps available.

Club Ride Events

  • No Watermelon Ride (July 4) this year
  • Fall All Club Ride – Sept 4th. Dick Stardig will get started with the planning of this event
  • Halloween Ride – Ann Harris will not be available during Halloween weekend, but agreed to find someone who can lead the effort.

Annual Meeting & Recognition Event

The board agreed to hold an event in person this year, likely on November 13, 2021. Ann will check with Evie and begin researching potential venues.


There was discussion about the different classes of E-Bikes. Shelby recommended that an article should be written for the newsletter that explains the different classes of E-Bikes and which types of E-Bikes are allowed on city, county and state trails.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting July 12th

A motion was made by Mike Kubes to adjourn meeting, it was seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Pat Diedrich