Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room


Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Mike Kubes, Ann Harris, Shelby Miller, Roger Fickbohm, Kasey Kramer, Bob Fix, Fran Rabe, and Dick Stardig.

Board Members not Present: George Blank and Edward Eroe.

Non-Board Members Present: Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Pete Hawkins, and Doug Nelson.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm. The meeting minutes from May were reviewed. There was one spelling correction to be made. A motion was made by Bob to approve the amended minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. The motion passed with no opposition.

Ride Stats

Bob informed the board that Michele has made a couple of changes to ride stats this month. Bob is compiling all know issues and suggested feedback to send to Michele. A generic “guest” email was created for ride leaders to use when entering guest riders in ride stats.


Bob relayed membership numbers to the board. Total memberships are up 5%, the total number of members is up 6%.


Mike and Roger represented the club at a recent health fair and attracted some good attention to the club. Mike did not receive any emails about the club jerseys. We are short on kitchen volunteers and food delivery volunteers for the Watermelon Ride. Mike suggested a new option for water on the ride instead of water jugs. Mike sent an email to ride leaders to mention the ride during briefings and the need for volunteers.


Doug is almost done working on the new issue. Bob is doing an article about LAB, and Doug has some content he is working on.


Bob gave the safety report to the board. There was 1 crash on a “B” ride. A rider hit something and went down.



Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed account balances and reports with the board. The club has accrued several expenses from Michele. There are 3 uncashed checks currently. It has been decided to write off the Penn Cycle invoice since collection efforts were unsuccessful. Roger created a spreadsheet totaling the amount paid in dues and can extrapolate membership numbers from that.

Old Business

TCBC Meetup

Fran told the board there has been a suggestion to have a group of people who will enter TCBC rides on the meetup calendar. This could lead to technical issues if TCBC ride leaders change their ride, someone else from meetup will have to be notified and also go change the ride on the meetup calendar. Pete is still planning on sending out something to ride leaders to encourage them to join meetup.

All Club Ride

Doug stated that the spring All Club Ride went well, no incidents reported. There were some suggestions for next year, including crossing 61 at a stoplight, change the mileage, have more satellite toilets, and to edit the cue sheet. As for the fall All Club Ride, there have been suggestions to change the routes. The long route has a long section on a busy road with no shoulder, and there was no safety briefing. Dick will touch base with Tom soon about the routes.

Nominating Committee

The board would like to have an announcement ahead of time about the 1 open board position. Fran is the only one leaving the board, she will find some others for the nominating committee and put things together. Pete H also informed the board that Katie Angle resigned as a leader liaison.

Annual Awards Banquet/Business Meeting

Pete H asked if the board wanted to combine the Annual Banquet and the Business Meeting into 1 event? And where are the 1 or 2 meeting going to be held? To find someplace central in the cities is very expensive. Pete H found a place in Fridley that is very nice, and in our budget. The staff are helpful and easy to work with, and the food has a good reputation. There is no facility fee if we spend over a certain amount and there is A/V equipment available to use. Pete suggested if we combine the meetings then it would be free for members, and 25 dollars for non-club members. Mike made a motion to use the Fridley banquet location for a combined meeting on November 16th, 2019, and it was seconded by Fran. The motion passed.

A motion was made by Mike to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Kasey. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.