Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Fran Rabe, Edward Eroe, Roger Fickbohm, Mike Kubes, George Blank, Kasey Kramer, Bob Fix, Pete May, Diane Ziemer, Shelby Miller.

Non Members Present: Steve Scott, Jim Pederson, Doug Nelson, Ann Harris.

The meeting was called to order at 6:31pm.

The minutes from May were reviewed. There were no corrections to be made. A motion was made by Diane to accept the meeting minutes, and it was seconded by Pete. The motion passed with no opposition.


Roger reviewed the financial data with the board. There are a few un-cleared checks. Originally the wrong amount had been reported for the Ironman ride, but we now have the correct amount. Roger will be gone in June, and Tom Brix will be processing checks during that time. Roger is testing the “Square “reader tool. It seems to be working… He will be working with Gina Sapia and Square to change the user ID and email to the treasurer. We will be able to use it at the Watermelon ride for registration and merchandise sales.

The month end checking balance is right on track with past years. Income is very close to last year, expenses are slightly up compared to last year. Total income vs budget is very close. Expenses are coming in below budget. Some Watermelon expenses not in the books yet.

Ginny H has been doing audits for the club in the past, but felt there was a conflict since she was also on sponsorship committee. A new person, Jake Gjoraas, will be transitioning to doing audits.


Mike told the board that the Watermelon volunteer sign up is online, and so is North Star Bicycle Festival volunteering. Mike asked if ride sweeps need to be ride leaders? 2 people signed up to be ride sweeps that are not ride leaders. Yes, the sweeps should be ride leaders, so Mike will contact the volunteers and offer them different jobs.

Technology Committee

Edward discussed the technology committee with the board. The committee met recently and talked about ride stats, and discussed the upcoming project of document storage and security. The committee will be taking the rest of the summer off.

Ride Stats

Bob told the board that there was a recent small update to ride stats. There were a few duplicate rides that were entered twice right after the ride stats go live. There is now an “S” category to be used for special rides. There is no contract from Michele yet, but we know what the system will cost us for this year. The 2018 contract will include an updated calendar. Bob told the board he would like approval for 50 dollars for an SSL certificate for the website. This will help improve google search results. There were no objections to this.

Bob asked the board if there was any interest in changing our ride year start/stop times to match the calendar year. On the positive side it could encourage more winter riding, and links up better with other bike mileage tracking platforms, like Strava. On the negative side it can make things difficult for the awards banquet planning committee, in regards to trophies and medals.

Bob felt that the end of year process and chasing down un-submitted rides takes less time that it used to. Pete suggested waiting until the end of this year to see if closing out the year is as easy as Bob says. We will keep discussing it in the meantime.

The club may consider going to a new hosting site, “Site Ground”. It may be a cost savings move.

All Club Ride

Doug told the board that the ride went well. The upper, bigger shelter at the park was booked, so we used the lower shelter. Doug was nervous about filling up the parking lot, but it was all ok. In the future Doug would like to use the Turtle Lake park/parking lot, as parking is better and it is cheaper.

Watermelon Ride

Mike is setting up meetings with the Watermelon committee members. Online sign up is up and running. The committee will need to get food info and lists from Laurie H. Doug checked out some of the routes so far and they are all good. There is some flooding again this year on one of the routes. Some promotional cards were sent out to some of the local bike shops. As for volunteer gifts this year, volunteers will be getting hats. There was discussion of not doing volunteer gifts in the future.


Doug stated the June issue of the newsletter is out, and went well. Anything for the next issue needs to be in by Thursday. Pete H will be writing an article about the upcoming board opening.

Membership Promotion

Fran told the board that the promotion with Erik’s and Penn Cycle that gives customers a free TCBC membership when they buy a new bike has totaled 11 new memberships so far.

St Paul Classic

Fran discussed this topic with the board. We will be supporting/ promoting the St Paul Classic ride again this year. Someone from the club will do helmet fittings, and we will put up a banner on the website. We will contact Rob M, as he has been involved with this ride in the past.

Website Inconsistencies

Fran stated that the wording of some things in different places on the club website does not match up. Do we need things to be consistent? Do we need to go through the whole website to search?

Steve S will change the banner wording to match the website. Bob will do a search to make sure there are no more working issues.

Nominating Committee

A committee for nominating candidates for the open board of director’s position has been formed. The committee consists of Diane Ziemer, Pete Hawkins, and Paul Frenz. Diane is serving as the committee director. Diane told the board that Pete H will be submitting an article to the newsletter regarding the open position on the board.

Anniversary Jersey

Fran informed the board that a group is needed to plan a new jersey for the clubs upcoming 25th anniversary. There will possibly be some other promotional items as well.

Safety Update

Fran suggested that the board might want to start discussing accidents/safety issues at the board meetings. Currently a safety update/recap goes into the newsletter each month. Since we are a non-profit and work to promote safety it would be a good idea to do this.

Upcoming Events

Watermelon Ride: Tuesday, July 4th

Next Board Meeting: August 1st, 2017

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer