Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

June 7th, 2016

Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Paul Frenz, Pete May, George Blank, Edward Eroe, Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, Diane Ziemer, Shelby Miller, Roger Fickbohm.

Non-Board Members Present: Bob Fix, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, Dan Miller, Glenn Olson, Pete Hawkins, Dave Gepner, Doug Nelson.

The meeting was called to order and 6:35 pm.

The minutes from the May meeting were reviewed. There was one spelling error to correct, and to give credit to Ginny H for the idea for the free bike membership coupon for bike shops. There was also a word change for the treasurer’s report. Pete M made a motion to approve the corrected minutes, and it was seconded by Paul.


Treasurer’s Report:

Roger presented the treasurer’s report to the board. All bills have been paid, with the exception of bike clips to Mary. The checking account balance is up, slightly higher than the past 3 years. Assets compared to last year show slightly higher costs, but expenses are down from last year. Overall revenue is down a bit, but we are also experiencing less expenses. The club is better than budget so far for this year. Tom will fill in as treasurer for the Watermelon ride, as Roger will be out of town.


Bike Shop Partnership:

Pete M discussed with the board what has been happening with this new idea. The committee of Pete, Kate, Jim, Ginny, Mary and Scott met 2 weeks ago. They came up with a “suggestion” certificate. At this point we are only featuring this program with the titanium sponsors. If it works well we could roll it out to others. This partnership will be for adults only, no children. It could also be expanded to include used bikes too. We will be able to track this information via membership. We still need to approach the bike shops. The committee will approach Penn first, then Erik’s next. We will trial it for a 90 day period. Work will need to be done to reword and re-tweak the certificates. Paul moved to adopt the plan once the committee rewords the paper certificate the bike shops give out. George seconded the motion. No opposition, motion passed.


Doug spoke to the board regarding the upcoming Watermelon ride. Things are moving along for Watermelon. Volunteer sign up is on the website. Registration is open on the website for riders. Instead of doing brochures we are doing postcards. Doug has ridden the routes and so far they are good.

Volunteer Picnic:

This will tentatively be September 15 or 22nd. It will be at Island Lake Park again.

Banquet Venue:

Fran addressed this. She would like to lock down the banquet venue as soon as possible. Can we use the same locations again for both awards banquet and annual meeting? Looking at last week in January for awards banquet. Annual meeting would be first Sunday in November, which is the 6th. Then first board meeting after that would be 8th or 9th, as the 8th is election night. Fran will check if the venues are available those nights.

84 Hour Rule

The board and several club members met to discuss the positive and negative aspects of changing the rule requiring rides to be submitted to the calendar 84 or more hours before the ride is held. Dan Miller, Glenn Olson, and Dave Gepner presented to the club, and Kate Kovar and Jim Pederson also spoke to the club in regards to ride stats and changing the website.

Many different ideas and points were brought up and discussed. Among them were the feeling that 84 hours was too “odd” of a number, and hard for leaders to remember. Also the ride submission time was too long during the winter months when the weather can change in a matter of a few days, or less. Many other bike clubs in town do “flash rides”, which are similar to the clubs “e-rides. If the club offers flash rides or short notice rides then we could attract new potential riders to the club.

Both Jim and Kate pointed out that regardless of the ride submission time, leaders will always wait until the last minute to submit a ride and that is not likely to change. Shortening the ride submission time will not change this. It was also brought up that short notice rides tend to be of poorer quality, and often involve bad routes, which the club doesn’t want.

It was suggested to trial a meet up group to see if there is any interest. Jim suggested putting e-rides/flash rides on a banner on the website right on the schedule page to make them more visible.

After much discussion it was proposed by Diane to shorten the ride submission time to 48 hours from October 1st , 2016 to March 31st, 2017. We will trial this for 6 months to see if it is working. Pete M seconded the motion. No opposition.

Kate and Jim felt that more volunteers were not needed at this point. E-rides will be discussed at a further meeting.

There will be no board meeting in July. Next board meeting will be on August 2, 2016 at Life Link III Board Room.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer