Minutes January 2020

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


M Health Fairview Hiawatha Clinic Board Room

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Bob Fix, Mike Kubes, Kasey Kramer, Dick Stardig, and Craig Larson.

Board Members not Present: John Benda and George Blank.

Non-Board Members Present: Pete Hawkins and Doug Nelson.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm. The meeting minutes from December were reviewed. There was one spelling correction. A motion was made by Mike to accept the amended minutes, and it was seconded by Bob. The motion passed with no opposition.


Ride Stats

Bob stated there was not a lot for ride stats. The 2019 ride year has been archived. Michele put in a recent update. Bob has an open inquiry asking if non-riding entries/events can be put on the ride calendar for things like non-riding get togethers, meals, etc. Adding a new ride program can be problematic. It was suggested to add a new category to the forum for “social events”. Bob suggested we wait to see what Michele comes up with for a new ride category. The integration with Meet Up is probably not going to happen, as Meet Up keeps email addresses of members on lockdown. Pete asked if it was possible to add a notice or reminder that mountain bike rides are for members only?


The migration to the new website was successful, and feedback so far has been positive. Mary Derks gave permission to move the store over to the new website. Bob will work with Jim P on this.


The club is down 10 members from last month, otherwise all is good.

Exit Survey

Mark Thornsjo has drafted a report of the results that went out to his committee. Findings will come to the board later.


Mike told the board that Linda Johnson will be taking over the swap meet. It will stay at the Hopkins VFW this year. Roger will send/has sent a check to the VFW. It will be on April 4th. Mike Beadles will be there to help sign up new members if needed.


Mike sent a message to Borah regarding the club jersey, and a price list from Borah is needed. (The old contract was for 2 years). Mike is working on setting up a new store on the website.


No accidents to report.


Doug reported the current edition is out. It was noted someone was left off the “thank you’s” at the banquet, so Mike will put that in the next edition.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger sent out slides to the board ahead of the meeting. Account balances were reviewed. There are 2 uncashed checks. One of the checks is for one of the charitable contributions. Roger will wait to see if it is located. The check for the taxes was cashed.

Follow up

Watermelon Ride

Mike recommended that Jim put information about the Watermelon on the front page of the website. Bob has offered to take care of food, and there is a volunteer to take care of rest stops. Mike also recommended having some wording about riders’ bikes being in good working order and that the riders are physically able to do the ride. 1 or 2 people are still needed to be SAG drivers and run registration.

Information Binder

Shelby and Bob featured an old edition of a binder given to new board members. One of the items was a “master calendar” detailing items for each month that the board should be taking care of. Much of what is in the binder is already online or in digital form. Bob will look at the other documents and the board will discuss at a later meeting.

New Business

Southwest/LRT Group

Paul Frenz contacted Shelby, as he would like to represent TCBC on the Construction Information Work Group for Construction of Southwest LRT Project. Bob moved to approve Paul to apply to this committee on TCBC’s behalf, and it was seconded by Kasey. There was no opposition.


The board discussed ride leader expectations and viewed new slides/information that has been added to ride leader training.

Ride Leader Training/Forum

Pete stated there has been good response for upcoming ride leader training. One session has been filled, and another will be scheduled.

A motion was made by Bob to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Mike.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer