Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Shelby Miller, Edward Eroe, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, Bob Fix, Fran Rabe, Ann Harris, and Dick Stardig.

Non-Board Members Present: Steve Scott, Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, and Mary Derks. Kate Kovar joined by conference call.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

The meeting minutes from December were reviewed. There was 1 spelling correction and 1 wording correction to be made. A motion was made by Bob to accept the corrected minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Ride Stats

Bob stated there have been a couple updates since the beginning of the year, most of them are minor. However, the links to ride stats have changed. Postings were made to the ride leader forum to alert ride leaders. The website has also been updated. One of the mobile issues has been fixed, but the “greyed out” issue when looking at a ride is still happening. Jim and Bob are working on it. Michele has one more update in April that allows ride leaders to use maps from “Ride with GPS”, and adding a feature that allows riders to RSVP to rides ahead of time. Bob is hoping to have some YouTube videos about ride stats and events available next month.


Edward and the Technology committee met recently, all issues with the website have been fixed. There was some more talk about a survey, looking at asking members how much/what parts of ride stats and mileage members actually care about. Some are interested in an exit survey.


Mike told the board the jersey store is up on the website, and socks are available in the store. Mike received a request from Hewing Hotel looking to partner with the club. Mike will contact someone from the hotel. Mike stated Hugh will not be on the Watermelon committee this year, and this may leave the club without the tents we have used in the past. Mike suggested it might be a good idea to purchase some “space blankets” to use on rides if riders need to be warmed up.


No accidents to report.


Doug told everyone the current issue is out. Doug started off a new series of stories about organizations we are aligned with. Bob threw out the idea of partnering with Erik’s to do a feature about what is new with bike tech. Doug mentioned it might be a good idea to cut down the number of printed issues the club does each year. If it’s something we want to do, then we need to start planning so info can go out to sponsors in the media kit. There was also the question raised of whether or not to continue printing paper copies of the newsletter.

If the club reduced the number of issues from 8 to 6 there would be less cost to sponsors, and they would get more exposure from the website and the e-news. Kate will need to work with sponsorship to re-structure the media kit. Bob suggested this may be a good opportunity to utilize a survey and ask members what they want from a newsletter and what features they would like to see. Kate discussed the possibility of surveying members who get paper copies to see their opinion on number of issues and if they want a paper vs electronic newsletter. It was decided the number of issues and electronic vs paper are two separate issues to look at. Bob moved to reduce the number of newsletter issues from 8 to 6 in 2020. It was seconded by Mike. There was no opposition, the motion passed. Kate will communicate this to sponsorship. The electronic vs paper copy issues can be discussed further at another time.

Old Business

Penn Cycle

Penn Cycle is no longer a sponsor. There will be a need to realign the newsletter ads. The website now has rotating ads of upcoming events, TCBC, and Erik’s. In the newsletter the 2 titanium sponsors used to share the back-page ad. Now Erik’s will have 3, and TCBC will have 5. We will be paying for less newsletters as we will no longer have to print copies and send to Penn. There is a good chance that this cost will help offset money lost from less sponsors. Fran asked how should we communicate this to riders and leaders? Pete H suggested mentioning it at the banquet.

Free Membership for Sponsors

This program only had 1 person who took advantage of the offer.

New Business

Volunteer of the Year

Shelby asked if the board wanted to nominate and vote for the volunteer of the year award via email. No one was opposed. Shelby will send out an email asking for nominations and a list of previous winners.

Ride Leader Training

Pete H said he has 9 people signed up for the first session so far. There will probably be another class added in March. He also reviewed the liability insurance for the club.

Risk Management

Pete H told the board in the past he has shared our risk management policy and ride leader training material with other clubs who are interested. Pete would like the boards approval to share this information with another bike club. The general consensus was that it was fine for him to share this.

Twin Cities Bike Meet Up Group

Mary Derks, Shelby, and Fran met recently with the Twin Cities Meet Up Group to get an idea of what they are looking for. They are interested in becoming a part of TCBC. There were questions about how to become a ride leader. 4 of 5 are very interested, 1 person is a little more reluctant. Their website/communication tool is something they would like to bring with them. There should be a decision made by the February board meeting.

Technically potential ride leaders need to be a member of the club for 1 year before becoming a ride leader. Pete H said that rule could be bent somewhat. A special session of ride leader training could be set up for their ride leaders to be trained.

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Ann. The meeting was adjourned at 9:07pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer