Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

January 3rd, 2017

Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Roger Fickbohm, Diane Ziemer, Mike Kubes, Bob Fix, Pete May, Edward Eroe, Shelby Miller

Board Members Not Present: George Blank

Non-Board Members Present: Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, Steve Scott, Mary Derks, Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Dan Miller.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

The minutes from December were reviewed. There was one punctuation change to be made. A motion was made by Diane to accept the amended meeting minutes. It was seconded by Bob. There was no opposition, the motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed the account balances with the board. All accounts have been reconciled, and we have not yet received an invoice from Michele. Roger is looking into the possibility of downloading bank transactions into Quick Books. It could save time and move end of month processing up. Roger will be going to Arizona until spring. Tom Brix will be able to sign checks while Roger is gone. Roger will be able to do other financial stuff from Arizona. Expenses are slightly up due to insurance, food and printing costs. Roger expects things to even out by January.


Kate Kovar presented to the board on behalf of the sponsorship committee. She first gave a summary of who the sponsorship committee is and what they do for the club. She highlighted the changes from the past year. This included the option to pay with a credit card, the private sale from NOW Sports, and the “free membership with a new bike purchase” that was trialed during 2016. For the upcoming year 3 of the 4 Marketplace sponsors have renewed, and one converted to an Event Sponsor. The committee calculated their budget based on bringing in the same income as 2016, and they appear to be on track to stay on budget for 2017.

Kate also highlighted what support the sponsorship committee would like to see from the board. This included things like incorporating the sponsorship committee in any long range planning, understanding the impact of membership and number of rides on sponsorship, and encouraging ride leaders to start rides from sponsor locations. All should keep in mind that changes that will impact sponsors need to be made prior to September 2017, when the 2018 media kit will be made up.


Mike informed the board that someone has volunteered to help with corporate wellness events. We are also still looking for volunteers to lead/staff the Ironman booth this spring.


Edward stated that there is nothing new to report from the technology committee at this time. The committee will be meeting later this week.

Ride Stats

Bob talked to the board regarding ride stats. 2016 ride year is closed out and all information has been sent to the proper parties. Bob suggested spending the winter months looking at how to get members to do more rides. So many members only do one ride a year with the club, although this is not a new trend. Kate suggested forming a committee to look at why people don’t renew their membership, or only do one ride. A possibility was brought up was of sending a survey out to members. Bob will work with Mary to collect some data and there will be further discussions at the next board meeting. This may help steer the board to try to figure out why membership is dropping and what can be done to fix it. Mike will pull some data on nation-wide trends on bike sales and exercising.

Ride Leader Forum Video

The club is looking for a videographer to tape the ride leader forum and put it on the website/internet. Ideally we would like someone who can also edit the video as well as put it online. Bob suggested that instead of the video of the forum we could make a power point presentation. Mike offered to check the volunteer stats and see if anyone offered video talents.

48 Hour Rule Status Report

Kate discussed this topic with the board. She explained that data may be somewhat incomplete as the only month available for analysis was October. There was not a big increase in the number of rides in October compared to last year. 6 of the 48 hour rule rides were cancelled, unsure of why. (Two of the reasons for changing to the 48 hour rule were to increase the number of rides, and to decrease the number of cancellations.)

We will need to find out why the rides are being cancelled, is it because no one is coming to the rides? We also need to pay attention to the variety of rides and the error rates of 48 hour rides getting put in. Kate closed with saying that data is incomplete at this point and no decisions should be made about the rule at this point. Kate will collect more data and present to the board again. The 48 hour rule runs through March 31st.

I Ride Committee

Dan Miller presented to the board in regards to the I/E-ride committee. The committee was formed to help develop E-rides and make them more visible to club members. They discussed needing to keep insurance on rides, and if only ride leaders should be able to post rides. At a later meeting there were issues with the verification process for insurance. Also the committee looked at having a separate calendar for just E-rides. Some of the calendar issues cannot be solved at this current time.

Dan feels shortening the ride submission time to 48 hours may take the pressure of the committee and take care of many of the issues the committee is having.


Doug talked in regards to the newsletter. 2 articles featured about club members who have recently passed away. Final stats have been received from Michele. Next deadline will be first week of February.

Lynx Game

Fran spoke about the Lynx game again. The Lynx have offered discount tickets and to have something about the club up on the marquee. The club will probably decline, it’s not the right fit for the club.


Pete brought up the issue of the calendars to the board. We have extras, and this is time sensitive material. Pete asked the board to use the e-news and the website to offer a “fire sale” and get rid of leftovers. Should we sell them for 5 or 7 dollars, and perhaps have free shipping? Should we sell them at the awards banquet? We will continue to offer the calendars for sale on the club website, and also offer them for sale at the banquet, and bring the rest to the swap meet.

Upcoming events:

Awards Banquet- Saturday, January 28, 2017

Swap Meet- Saturday, March 25, 2017

Non-board members left the board room so board members could have voting for volunteer of the year.

Motion was made by Mike to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Kasey.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm.

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer