Meeting Minutes for TCBC

February 12, 2024

Virtual Meeting


Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present:  Dick Stardig, Jean Bentley, Gordon Fink, Rick Okada, Craig Larson, Pat Diedrich,

Board Members absent: John Rogers, Roger Fickbohm

Non-Board Members Present:  Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Mike Beadles


The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

Reviewed the meeting minutes from January 9, 2024.  A motion was made by Pat Diedrich and seconded by Gordon Fink to accept the meeting minutes as amended.   There was no opposition, the motion passed. Secretary confirmed that new meeting minutes will now be forwarded to Webmaster Mike Beadles for posting to the Web Site.

Special Guest Report.  Mike Beadles is our new Webmaster taking over for Jim Pederson. He, as well as John Rogers have been getting training from Jim.  Mike is very excited that John has agreed to be back-up Webmaster.  The board agreed that this is a good team.


Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Gordon Fink reported for Technology Committee

RideStats releases are coming together and new gender descriptions are now available.  Probably won’t see much use of this yet because we do not have any members signed up as non-binary.  But it is all working fine.


The Ride Leader email bug has been fixed and is working correctly.


Neon API user permissions:  Bob Fix has been working with Membership Committee to just send active users or get in touch with Bob Fix about what is needed to accomplish this.  This is done on a daily basis.  Board needs to reach out to Membership Committee to connect with Bob Fix.


The regular scheduled Zwift Rides are going well and pretty well attended.


As of this month Facebook has 3,200 followers, discussion group has 1,200 and meet up group added four this month to make 1,043.


We are having a Spam issue.  On 2/6 an email was sent to the board email list.  Some members were receiving in spam box and others received in their inbox.  Gordon is going to discuss this with Bob Fix and come up with a good compromise.




Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report sent. 

Board renewed the January renewal numbers.  We were up 1% and renewals looked better.  We reviewed the survey non-renewals take. Member Sara Olson was having trouble doing renewal.  We need to find out if anyone contacted her from Membership Committee.


The Board has asked for a graph of member numbers with data set by years.  Similar to what is presented at annual board meeting but with longer timeline.  Trying to review trends current and back 10 years and also 2010 back to beginning.  Monthly trends with different colors for different years.


Rick Okada made a motion to request this data from Membership Committee which was approved by Pat Diedrich – motion carried.  We will ask membership for this information.


Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

No accidents to report


Equity Committee Report – John Benda reported for Equity Committee

John submitted an application for approval of $1,500 SPARK mini grant from LAB.  Our proposal is to organize two slow paced 10–15-mile urban bike rides for TCBC in North Minneapolis that would visit several (2 or 3) BIPOC businesses in the area and learn about their business, history and presence in the community.  Each ride would be for up to 20 riders.  There would be a stop at a BIPOC owned coffee shop where riders would learn about the business and (hopefully) purchase a drink or treat.  The grant would pay for lunch at a BIPOC restaurant at the end of the ride, a small honorarium for the business owners who take the time to talk with us, and a reflective string backpack (or some other swag) purchased through a bike shop in the area.  TCBC would offer vouchers to the BIPOC businesses for free 1-year memberships to the club; ten per ride.  This would hopefully encourage riders from diverse backgrounds to join the club and ride with us. By allowing TCBC members to experience North Minneapolis firsthand and learn about it from business owners who feel a sense of pride and hope in their community, we hope to build connections that wouldn’t have existed otherwise–ones we hope will continue long after the rides. Amy Sitze and Dan Miller are helping write the grant.

Twin Cities Pride 2- day event.  They have a bike check in area and we may see about club volunteers there.  May be a way to get in the back door of this event for future years.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson

Got all items in including article overflow from previous month.  Always looking for recognition corner but Doug would need information ASAP to include in issue.  All other information has been sent off to Steve Scott.


Treasurer Report – Dick Stardig 

Roger reviewed the financials.

  • Operating Funds Account # 100-10 – $14,209.08
  • Operating Reserve Savings # 101-10 – $3,135.40
  • Certificate of Deposit Matures July 2024 #101-20 $40,000 – Includes $19,000 Restricted Funds
  • Bank accounts reconciled to Bremer Bank as of January 31, 2024
  • All known invoices and deposits have been processed and posted.
  • Accrued Expense – $822.39– Ride Stats for FY 2024 – based on 2023 actual.
  • Open Invoices for Sponsors $2,920.00- as of January 31, 2024
  • Prepaid Expense $449.90 Site Ground – Expense $44.99/month

Insurance payment for riders for year ending January 2025 totaled $10,065 or $838.75/month.  Last year’s insurance cost was $828.00/Month.


Old/Follow-up Business


Ride Leader/VIP Picnic

Date of June 20th, Thursday. Would like to use Thompson Park again for this event.  We can plan rides to and from the picnic.  Fee is about $140 to reserve facility.  We will work on getting a committee of board members and ride leader liaisons to plan this event.


New Business


Membership Increase ideas


The Board reviewed ideas from the Membership Committee on keeping and getting new members.  The Committee still believes that lack of available rides on the ride schedule are a big determent to getting new riders and keeping riders.  They had suggestions:


  1. Do a survey to get a voice of members to see what kind of rides they are looking for from Levels to Road, Gravel, Mt Bike, Night Rides. Find out times and places riders are looking for rides.  Try to get survey out so we can have results back by end of March.  We can collaborate with Equity Committee on this.
  2. Select a Ride Director Position. This position (or committee) would make sure the ride schedule aligns with the views of the survey.  We discussed this was previously done in 80s and is a lot of work for the director.  If we do committee to support director, we would come up with job description and goals for director and committee members.  Have a library of rides that can be used.
  3. Rick Okada made a motion to set up a subcommittee to start this process. This was seconded by Jean Hurlbert. Motion was carried.
  4. Jean Hurlbert, Rick Okada, Jean Bentley agreed to be on subcommittee and we will try to get Mary Derks from Membership Committee to join us.
  5. Goals of the Board:
    1. Job Description of Ride Director Position and Committee
    2. Areas of Metro to Divide
    3. Types of rides
    4. Times of rides
    5. (the latter three would be derived from survey).
  6. We will try to deadline to complete survey and select ride Director prior to Ride Leader Forum so information can be shared at this forum.
  7. We will meet before next board meeting and report back.
  8. We agreed to table the advertising on social media until after Ride Schedule is going strong.
  9. We will continue to highlight rides in ENews and keep continuing to encourage a robust ride schedule.


Bike MN Advocacy Day

John Benda gave board encouragement to attend Bike MN’s Bike/Walk Summit to help advocate for bicycling issues with State Legislators on March 14th.


Club Tax Return

Return reviewed and a motion made by Rick Okada with Second from Gordon Fink.  No Opposition the tax return will be filed.  Dick Stardig will also update the attorney general filing that requires a copy of said tax return


Annual Meeting

Put on calendar to start reviewing where and when.  Thinking November 16th or 17th at Banquets of MN.


Email regarding MN Bike Trail Idea

Made suggestion to have rider attend the bike walk so he can voice opinion there.


Board Meeting Date Change

March Board meeting was changed to Monday March 4th.  Ride Leader Training scheduled for March 11th so we need to reschedule board meeting.



Upcoming Events


Board Meeting, Monday, March 4, 2023 (first Monday instead of 2nd)


A motion was made by Pat Diedrich seconded by Rick Okada to adjourn the meeting.   There was no opposition, the motion passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:44pm


Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert