Minutes February 2022

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

February 7, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Ann Harris, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, John Benda, Craig Larson, Rita Rowe, John Rogers, Roger Fickbohm – Absent: Jean Bentley

Non-Board Members Present: Steve Scott, Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from January 10, 2022 were reviewed. A motion was made by Craig Larson to accept the meeting minutes with one change and seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Dick Stardig, reported for the Technology Committee.

We have received the API Key for the RideStat System. Web Service will be set up and tested and this process could take 2 -4 weeks to complete. Systems will continue as they currently are until the new system is created, tested and put into production.

Zoom video storage account is filling up and Jim Pederson has moved some of these videos to TCBC YouTube Channel to free up some space. The YouTube Channel has mostly ride leader resource videos so a link to these videos is available on the TCBC website. The YouTube Channel also contains BikeU Program Videos and Ride with GPS how to videos.

A request was made and Board discussed that Meet-Up wanted integration of the RideStats and the Meet Up Platform. This would allow members to simultaneously post to TCBC and Meet-Up. The Board has opted to push this down road and discuss at later date.

Volunteer Committee – Shelby Miller, coordinator was not present and no report was made

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report provided. Board requested that we send out Membership report along with Meeting Agenda. Jean will do this.

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley was not present to report for Safety Committee but Dick Stardig reported that no accidents were reported.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson updated on Newsletter

Had discussion for items of recognition that should be in the March/April newsletter

      Roger Fickbohm – for the work he put in moving us to new QuickBooks Platform giving the club considerable savings.

      Mark Derks – for the work she did with Neon and getting the club a considerable savings

      Pete Hawkins/Patt Seleen – for the work on putting together a new board orientation program that can be used into the future

      Membership and Technology Committee – for the time they put in working on the API Key upgrade.

Jean Bentley also providing a safety article.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Fickbohm submitted the January Treasurers’ Report via email. Items reviewed by Roger

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of January 31, 2022.
  • Reviewed January 31, 2022 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss and transactions.
  • Reviewed conversion of QuickBooks to TechSoup and Roger’s storage of the old system. Roger is feeling very comfortable with the new system.
  • Reviewed the work Mary Derks did with the Neon-One Membership system. Her work with Neon has made things easier for the Treasurer and the costs are significantly lower. Neon will replace Card Pointe.
  • Discussed significant bank balance. Without banquets the last two years the bank balance has been going up. Board is going to continue discussion about this and the opportunities to spend some money to bring in more members. Board will add this to Strategic Planning Meeting.

Equity Committee – John Benda reported that the Equity Committee had a meeting and they have started a Google Document with the things the Committee is working on.

Upcoming Events

      Free Bike 4 Kidz – Thursday February 9th. Announced on ENews and Discussion Forum

      BikeU – History of TCBC – Speaker Doug Nelson – March 3 (via Zoom)

      BikeU – Equity in Cycling with Erin Ayala – Stamina Racing Collective – Cohosted with Bike MN – March 28th (via Zoom)

Old/Follow-up Business

Swap Meeting

Linda Johnson sent the Board options for the Bike Swap Meet. She had a question related to insurance coverage if for example we meet at a park. Pete Hawkins said it is very common for venues to request insurance information and Pete just had to do extra reporting to the insurance company before event.

The Board discussed the current Covid numbers. Dick reviewed current numbers and current trends in other major cities. He reviewed how rapid declines seem to be happening in major cities like New York City. We agreed we want to stay vigilant of these numbers when planning Swap Meet.

We currently have Hopkins VFW reserved for March and have paid $200 deposit. The Board agreed we wanted a venue with better ventilation then the VFW and are ok with losing the $200 deposit.

Other options were discussed including the Hippodrome in White Bear Lake or a school gymnasium. The board thought Hippodrome was a good option and was our first-choice option with a school gymnasium being second choice.

To plan for upcoming event the newsletter was going to report that the Swap Meet was NOT going to be in Hopkins and to check ENews and Website for details. Need to let Volunteer Committee know information so they can coordinate with Linda for needed volunteers.

Date the Board opted for was April 9th or April 23rd

Ann Harris will get in touch with Linda Johnson and let her know this information.

New Ride Leader Training

Currently have two New Ride Leader Training Sessions set up. February 14th/15th has 10 people signed up and will be held via Zoom. March 22nd/24th has 9 people signed up and will be held via Zoom. Keeping limit to 10 to have more flexibility since it is a Zoom training. A waiting list has been started. A practice session has been done on the training session and leader liaisons are ready to go.

Ride Leader Forum

Date for Ride Leader Forum will be Thursday April 14th. This meeting will be held via Zoom and will be recorded. Ride Leaders who are not able to make April 14th will be required to watch.

Jersey/Kit Sample

Ascend Sportswear is willing to give club one free jersey and are willing to send kit samples. The Board agreed to getting just one jersey and agreed to get one for Rita Rowe. Rita will give feedback to the Board on jersey she received. Regarding Kits the Board decided to wait until new jerseys are on the agenda. At that time a Jersey Committee will be formed and we will give Ascend information to them.

Ride with GPS

Johnny Pugh is working on an article for newsletter. He will discuss the Ride with GPS library and the Ride with GPS Challenge he is starting.

Strategic Planning Meeting

Because of Covid numbers decided to wait another month to set date. Discussed possibility of having meeting at Rita’s house. Board Members were asked to think about pre-planning for meeting.

New Business

Annual Business Meeting/Recognition Banquet/VIP Picnic

Dick reminded Board we need to start thinking of these events to get dates on calendars and venues reserved.

Regarding the Business Meeting/Recognition Banquet – Board unanimously agreed to look for more central location. Discussed Town and Country Club again and Ann Harris will reach out to them to see what options we have with them. Regarding date a tentative date of November 19th was set. This should be enough time for financials, RideStats and awards.

Regarding VIP Picnic – normally this event is held in August but in 2021 it was in September. Board set tentative date of September 15th but will wait until April meeting to confirm this.

TCBM Ride Leaders

There are two TCBM members that are now new TCBC Members that will go through ride leader training. Since they do not comply with one year membership rule both of these new ride leaders have been reviewed and vetted by Pete Hawkins. It was mentioned that there is no connected calendar with TCBM and TCBC and these new leaders should be asked to only post rides on the TCBC calendar. This will be emphasized in training and monitored.


Jeff Johnson has done extensive work on collecting the data of other bicycle clubs and their EBikes Policies. Pete Hawkins and Jeff Johnson would like to form a committee to put together TCBC EBike Policy. Currently the policy on the TCBC Website says Class 1 Ebikes are the only Ebikes allowed on TCBC Rides. Pete Hawkins confirmed that insurance coverage covers Class 1 and Class 3 Ebikes. We had discussion about how policing of policy should not be left on our Ride Leaders. Instead, we put policy out there and if an accident happens to an EBike rider and the Ebike does not meet policy criteria then the liability is on the Riders side.

A motion was made by Pat Diedrich to form a committee and develop Ebike Policy this was seconded by Ann Harris. There was no opposition, the motion passed.


Kate Kovar let Board know there is available space on the sponsorship page of website that could be used for club announcements. Currently this space is being used to direct people to membership site.


Ann Harris discussed possibility having a TCBC presence at the Twin Cities Marathon Expo. Dates are September 30th and October 1st. Held at Xcel Center in St. Paul. Cost is $1,125 for 10×10 Booth and $1,500 for corner booth. Board is going to table this for further discussions.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, March 14, 2022

A motion was made Pat Diedrich to adjourn the meeting seconded by Rita Rowe. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:02PM

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert