Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

February 8, 2021

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, Mike Kubes, John Benda, Dick Stardig, Craig Larson, Roger Fickbohm. Absent from Meeting Tammy McLemore

Non-Board Members Present: Pete Hawkins, Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott

The meeting was called to order by Shelby Miller at 6:35 pm. The meeting minutes from January 11, 2021 were reviewed. There were two name misspellings to be corrected. A motion was made by Mike Kubes to accept the amended meeting minutes, and seconded by John Benda. There was no opposition, the motion passed.


Reports and Committees

Ride/Stats and Technology – Mike Kubes provided an update from Technology Committee.

The cost of the ride-stats software designed by Michele Brougher continues to rise in cost. With loss of membership revenue at this time, we will approach Michelle to inquire about a reduction in cost. Mike will report back.

Edward Eroe has stepped down as Technology Committee Chair – the new Chair is Gordon Fink. We should reach out to Edward to thank him for his service.

Membership Committee – Jean Hurlbert provided an update from the membership committee.

We received a Membership Report from Bob Fix. This was forwarded to Roger and Pete. Membership continues to decline with the no group ride policy continuing. We will keep encouraging people to renew memberships early using E-news and Newsletter submissions. Jean was in contact with Bob Fix and he will share membership numbers with her monthly for board meetings.

Volunteer Committee – Mike Kubes provided an update from the Volunteer Committee.

We still have no volunteer for Bike U Coordinator. We will continue to ask for volunteers on ENews, Newsletter and Facebook. Mike is going to put some helpful articles out on the social media sites to fill the education gap provided by Bike U. Mention was made that perhaps Bob Brown would be interested in volunteering for this position again – not sure if anyone committed to reaching out to Bob.

Mary Derks is going to update the volunteer survey. Mike will continue to work with her to make this more user friendly for the end user of the survey results.

Safety Committee – Dick Stardig reported there were no reported incidents

Newsletter – Doug Nelson provided an update for the Newsletter

Doug Nelson reported he is currently working on the March/April Newsletter with deadline approaching on 2/11/2021. Doug mentioned Bob Fix was preparing something for this edition. Other topics or ideas discussed were using some of the Limericks that Pete May has been sharing on his CaringBridge Site about his fellow bike buddies. Kate Kovar also suggested reaching out to sponsors to see if we could get a piece of how they are doing during this COVID-19 time. A need for pictures was also discussed. In particular looking for pictures from the 1990s – someone mentioned Don Picard might be a good option so Steve Scott was going to reach out to him.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Fickbohm submitted February Treasurers’ Report

  • Reviewed Balances as of January 31, 2021
  • Reviewed that operating balance is up; however, memberships are down by approximately 30%. Because we did not have the expense of the banquet the P & L still looks favorable.
  • Reviewed Annual Comparison
  • Reviewed January 31, 2021 Balance Sheet
  • Reviewed January 31, 2021 Profit and Loss

Equity Committee – John Benda provided an update from the Equity Committee

Amy Sitze joined John Benda and Tammy McLemore on the Equity Committee

Discussion centered mostly around an email received from member after an article regarding the new Equity Committee was posted in the ENews. This member sent an email to Equity Committee and Shelby Miller stating their unhappiness with the formation of an Equity Committee and stated they would not be renewing their membership.

An in-depth discussion ensued regarding the use of the term “Equity” for Equity Committee. There were several members who thought that perhaps “Equity” was not the correct term and wondered if it was causing problems with our baseline mission of the “Equity Committee”.

John reminded us we started the committee to help grow membership in other socio-economic classes so that they are better represented in the outdoor world. Shelby reminded us we have been doing this, trying to get members to feel welcome and trying not to be political. We discussed the Equity Committee review the equity statement (that was made after George Floyd) perhaps now we need a more general statement that does not include one class but highlights that we are open to all. Keep it simple – e.g., “we are a group of people that welcome all people who like to ride bikes.”

John will bring concerns back to Committee and they will discuss changing Equity Statement; they will discuss where to display this including website, social media and updating our TCBC Brochure to include this. Discussion was had regarding TCBC Brochure (see new business below). Other areas would be outreach to urban area business that support cycling. John presented a draft letter to be sent to these businesses. The board reviewed and approved.

Finally, regarding the email received from member, it was agreed that a response should be sent to this member. We agreed that it should be a simple response thanking them for their honesty and ask if we could have further conversation with member. John is going to draft an email and have Board review before it goes out. John will stay in touch if he gets a chance to have further dialog with member.

ENews – April ENews – mention was made by Kate Kovar that due to change of March board meeting date it would be after ENews Deadline. Shelby is going to reach out and see if we can get later deadline for March.

Old/Follow-up Business

Status of Group Riding Season

We had discussion regarding the group riding status. We are starting to get emails and communication from Members inquiring as to the start of group riding. It was determined that group riding would not start at this time and we would discuss in length at March meeting.

Facebook – TCBC Discussion Group

The new Facebook TCBC Discussion Group is going very well and being well received.

Virtual Happy Hour

Some Ride Leaders are continuing with virtual happy hours although interest appears to be dwindling.

New Member Coordinator – Jean discussed that she had been in contact with Kristi Linder who was working with the past New Member Coordinator. She is going to send dialog and new member list. Jean told John she would forward on information to he and Tammy when received. She received a letter of new members with email addresses from Bob Fix and this was sent to John and Tammy. We also reviewed the changes made to the New Member Letter.

Open Positions

We do not currently have a volunteer for Bike U Coordinator. Mike Kubes will post this in TCBC ENews, Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

New Business

TCBC Liability Waiver

Pete Hawkins reported back after conferring with Insurance Provider of liability insurance regarding the Waiver and how it holds up for rides held in different states. The provider gave a blanket response “that the Waiver would likely uphold in court in most jurisdictions but if you want legal advice you should confer with attorney.” We had discussion regarding options for getting legal opinions, and we discussed how insurance would probably never guarantee 100% insurability. The board agreed that we are comfortable with the Ride Waiver as it is currently. A motion was made by Jean Hurlbert to keep the ride waiver as is, and seconded by Dick Stardig and Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed. Mike Kubes will let Technology Committee know.

LAB Policy Endorsement

Pete Hawkins discussed with the Board the non-member riders Fee structure. Non-member rider’s do not have coverage but the club has coverage. Costs are based on the number of non-member riders and we are getting billed for 500 riders but only have about 217 non-member riders. Pete is going to negotiate to 150 non-member riders. Pete will go forward with negotiation and get a quote for coverage.

2019 Tax Return

The Board reviewed the finished 2019 tax return. The return is showing a balance due because of sponsorship revenue received. We believe that a proportion of the operating expenses should certainly offset this income. Expenses such as the cost to produce ENews and Newsletter. Shelby said he would review with the accountant. A motion was made by Jean Hurlbert to approve 2019 Tax Return after Shelby received answer to question, it was seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting for March

Shelby is not available for meeting on March 8th. Board agreed to move date of meeting to March 15th.

A motion was made by Jean Hurlbert to adjourn meeting, it was seconded by Ann Harris. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:22pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert


Addendum to February 8, 2021 Meeting

TCBC Bike Swap – Board discussed via email a few days after board meeting.

Shelby received a message from Linda Johnson, TCBC Bike Swap Coordinator. The Bike Swap date is coming up the end of March and Linda needed to reach out to the Hopkins VFW about the space we have reserved. This space was originally reserved for March 2020 but was extended out a year to March 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Board unanimously voted that we would not have the Bike Swap in March 2021 but would like to see if Linda can get extension to have the bike swap in Fall 2021. Shelby is going to talk to Linda.