Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

February 7, 2017

Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Bob Fix, Mike Kubes, Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Edward Eroe, George Blank, Pete May, Diane Ziemer, Shelby Miller.

Board Members Not Present: Roger Fickbohm.

Non-Board Members Present: Steve Scott, Doug Nelson, Pete Hawkins, Ann Harris.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30

The minutes from January were reviewed. There were two grammatical corrections to be made. A motion was made to accept the corrected minutes by Pete M, and it was seconded by Mike. Motion passed with no opposition.

Finance Report

There was no financial report at this board meeting as Roger was not in attendance.

Volunteer Report

Mike informed the board that we have a volunteer to head up the club booth at the Ironman ride in April. He also received an email from the Hot Chocolate Run looking for volunteers for bike marshals again this year. Is this something we want to do again? Does the money go to the club or to the volunteers? Could we donate the money to a charity? Mike is looking into whether the Hot Chocolate group can give the club any recognition for being bike marshals.

Technology Committee

Edward spoke to the board about what the technology committee has been working on. They are looking at new technology, data security, and the “ride with GPS” program with Bob Floyd, which was the focus of their last meeting. Currently this program is being tested on the rides down in Arizona. The committee is recommending that only ride leaders have access to this program. It will involve some training, but it will not be a requirement for ride leaders to have or use it. Kate K will be sending out a survey to ride leaders to see if they will use the program.

Video of Ride Leader Forum

The club does not have a videographer for the ride leader forum. It would cost the club about 1000 to 1100 dollars to hire a professional videographer for the forum. Diane raised the possibility of instead of a video offering a power point presentation for those who cannot attend the forum. Questions asked at the end of the forum could then be added to the power point presentation. Pete H will send out a request to the whole membership looking for someone to volunteer to record the forum and edit the video and put it online. (Previous requests only went out to ride leaders.) If no one responds to our plea, then we will consider the power point idea.


Pete H informed the board that the LAB insurance has gone up. There is also a change to mountain bike rides. These rides will be for members only, and a special waiver must be signed by riders.

Policy for Overnight Rides

Pete H is looking to amend the language regarding overnight trips to help clarify issues. In-area overnight trips need to be on the calendar at least 30 days before the ride, and out of area overnight trips need to be on the calendar at least 45 days before the ride. With some issues of the newsletter being published every other month this is creating some concerns.


Doug is currently working on the March/April edition. The deadline is Thursday of this week. Does the club want to mention the North Star Bicycle Fest again? The answer would be yes.

Linden Hills TCBC Rides

Fran spoke to the board on this topic. Ginny Halloran had an idea to recruit new members. She leads “Ironman Prep” rides in the spring before the Ironman ride. She is currently working with the Linden Hills community group, and would like TCBC to offer these rides for free to this group to try to create membership. They would essentially be “nonpaying guests”, and it would only be for her “Ironman Prep” rides. The club could potentially track the people who sign up for her rides to see if they become members. There was much discussion by the board. The board would like to avoid any favoritism, and it’s possible that other ride leaders will want to try this as well. Instead it was suggested that all TCBC rides will be free to non-members during the month of April. Bob made a motion to approve this, and it was seconded by Diane. The motion had no opposition, and therefore passed.

Lake Calhoun Master Plan

Fran received an email regarding the new plan for the Lake Calhoun area trail looking for opinions on the plan’s design. Several of the board members who have biked in that area agreed that the master plan submitted is acceptable.


George handed out copies of a new club brochure. There were two different layouts, and several photos chosen. A few photos were moved around, and a winter biking photo was added. The brochures met with approval. The committee will order copies to be distributed.

All Club Ride

The spring All Club Ride will be coming up soon. Do we want to consider bringing the ride back into the metro area again? Volunteers will look at routes up near the Shoreview area. The fall ride will stay in Minnetonka as in past years.

MN Legislature Bill

A new bill has been proposed in the Minnesota Legislature that would require cyclists to take a class for bicycle safety and get a permit in order to use bike lanes/trails. Currently this bill has no sponsors, and no corresponding bill in the Senate, which usually not a good sign for a bill. It does not appear that this bill has a lot of weight, and at this point there is not much for the board to do. Other advocacy groups are debating this bill currently.

Upcoming Events

Swap Meet- Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ironman- Sunday, April 30, 2017

Motion made to adjourn the meeting was made by Pete M, it was seconded by Bob. Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm.

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer