Meeting Minutes for TCBC

December 11, 2023

Virtual Meeting


Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present:  Dick Stardig, Pat Diedrich, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, John Benda, Gordon Fink, Rick Okada, Craig Larson

Board Members absent: Jean Hurlbert, Roger FIckbohm

Non-Board Members Present:  Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson dialed in around 7:30pm


The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm. 

Reviewed the meeting minutes from November 20, 2023.  A motion was made by Pat Diedrich and seconded by Gordon Fink to accept the meeting minutes.  There was no opposition, the motion passed.


Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Gordon Fink reported for Technology Committee

RideStats/Neon API

  • Source of API errors with some membership records has been found. Neon Tech Support has been unresponsive.  Bob and the RideStats staff are fixing what can be fixed from the RideStats side.

RideStats/New features

  • Mobile UI will be more responsive to different screen sizes
  • New Mail module should solve problems with the “Email Ride Leader” link when RideStats is run from the TCBC web site.

RideStats/Ride management changes (still under development and Michele is open to TCBC suggestions.  Once the new version is in the RIdeStats QA site, we will get a better idea of exact workflow.)

  • New process for leaders will be to first create a Ride, rather than a Template. Ride will have time, date, location, leader, etc. Leaders then save the new Ride as either a Ride or as a Ride and a Template.  The Template can be used to schedule additional rides, same as today. However, leaders will also be able to edit the existing Ride and save it with a new date–essentially Copy and Paste for Rides!
  • This feature should be available in time for New Ride Leader Training.


Tech Committee recommends removing the following fields from the Ride Stats Templates.  The Board has agreed with these recommendations.

  • Remove Start and End dates which will reduce the need to edit Templates at the beginning of the season
  • Remove Range of Distances, Start/End times. When scheduled, rides always have specific start time and mileage.

Tech Committee recommends removing the following fields from the Ride Stats Templates once they verify that the “Create Ride, then Template” mechanism works as expected.  The Board has agreed with these recommendations.

  • Removing Ride Leader specification. Template database design does not allow removal of Leaders from the Template if they have led a ride schedule from the Template. Some Templates now have members in the list who are no longer ride leaders.
  • Removing Ride Start Locations. As above, we can’t remove or edit a Start Location, so some Templates have unavailable or re-branded locations. The Board expressed their wish to still have access to the drop down list for start locations and ride leaders when just creating a ride versus creating a template.  Gordon will follow up with Michele on this. 

Website – No Black Friday deals, so Bob renewed Siteground for 12 months.


TCBC Rides on Zwift

  • Official TCBC club is organized
  • Recommendations for creating and advertising rides posted to all social media channels
  • Newsletter article delivered to Doug
  • Veteran users have provided some advice on how to move this forward

Meetup site

  • Zwift rides are being posted on Meetup. Good way to keep Meetup active over the winter
  • 3 new members this month for total of 1040

Membership Committee- Dick Stardig reported on the membership report sent.    

Reviewed Membership report provided by Membership Committee.  We had a slight increase in membership for month of November, but down from last year, indicating the importance of stepping up our new member recruitment efforts.  


Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

No accidents reported. 


Equity Committee Report – John Benda reported for Equity Committee

The Equity Committee (John Benda, Dan Miller and Amy Sitze) met and looked back over the past year and towards 2024.  Some reflections and ideas discussed are below:


The committee felt good about the various activities we were involved in which include the following:

  • Midtown Greenway Cleanups
  • New Member Rides
  • Free Bikes 4 Kidz participation (including 5 that participated in the bike giveaway this past Saturday)
  • Bike U presentations – especially one by Christian Castillo from FB4k’s in November and an upcoming session on Bike Advocacy on January 25th by Mike Wojcik – New Director of BikeMN.
  • Minneapolis Public School events
  • Open Streets West Broadway event in September
  • BikeMN Adult Learn to Ride events
  • Juneteenth ride that visited five locations of Black historical significance in the Twin Cities
  • TCBC Recognition in the League of American Bicyclists Blog:


They also clarified the mission of the committee a bit.  As stated in the past, the goal is to make TCBC welcoming  to riders of all races, backgrounds and cultures.  In addition, they recognize that another goal we are striving for is to provide experiences for our members to engage with diverse communities.


Some thoughts/ideas/news about the upcoming year follow:

  • Funding for Open Streets has fallen through and unlikely to occur in 2024
  • We’re looking into having a booth at Twin Cities Pride Parade and Festival June 29 & 30
  • Leading a ride(s) that starts/ends or has a rest stop at a BIPOC business or restaurant
  • Leading a ride(s) that focuses on how to ride in the city – Downtown, Major Routes, Neighborhoods
  • Looking into the $1500 mini-grant opportunities offered by LAB for programs and initiatives that “catalyze a community’s ability to create places where bicycling is safer, easier and more accessible.” John Rogers mentioned it would be great if we could bring in younger members and he also offered to help with grant writing.
  • Participate in bicycling related events that promote biking for all such as Slow Roll, Joyful Rider and Bike Film Festival events
  • Conduct a survey of club membership asking them what kind of equity related events they would be like to participate in
  • Seeking additional members to join our committee


The committee is also looking for a better way to track our notes and activities.  Dan suggests modeling our work after what Edward Eroe has done for the Bike U Board of Regents.  They will give it a try.


Newsletter – Doug Nelson

Doug sent Steve everything he has for Jan-Feb. We have more articles than usual, including article from LAB.  Dick will add an article regarding needing volunteers for Sponsorship Committee.  Doug recommended that Dick add Board Meeting dates to Ride Calendar.  Dick will schedule out at least 3 months, as sometimes dates need to be changed due to schedules.


Treasurer Report – Pat DIedrich 

In Roger’s absence, Pat Diedrich reviewed the financials. 

  • Operating Funds Account # 100-10 – $25,580.74
  • Operating Reserve Savings # 101-10 – $3,131.40
  • Certificate of Deposit Matures July 2024 #101-20 $40,000 – Includes $19,000 Restricted Funds
  • Bank accounts reconciled to Bremer Bank as of Nov 30, 2023
  • All known invoices and deposits have been processed and posted.
  • Accrued Expense – $274.13 – Ride Stats for FY 2024 – based on 2023 actual.
  • Open Invoices for Sponsors $00- as of Nov 30, 2023
  • Prepaid Expense -0- Post Office $266.56 collected – thanks Steve Scott!!!
  • Insurance is due in January, expect around a 10% increase


Old/Follow-up Business


Sponsorship Chair Search Committee

Dick shared with the board a volunteer request he prepared with input from Kate Kovar.  They plan to put the request out on the Forum and send a mass email to membership with the goal of finding a replacement for Kate Kovar as Chair of the Sponsorship Committee and for Gayle Fickbohm’s eventual replacement as well.  He also shared a volunteer report provided by Membership that filters all members who indicated an interest in Marketing who may be potential candidates for the Sponsorship Committee and asked if anyone knew the members on the list.  No one did, but it was suggested he look at RideStats to see if any of those members are active riders and find out how long they have been members.  It was also suggested that a statement be added to the end of the request stating if anyone was interested in any other volunteer opportunities to also contact Dick. 



New Business


Review Master Calendar

Dick walked the board through the master calendar.  Several changes were made. For December, add a function to review signature card at the bank after new officers are elected and remove Committees function.  For January add a line item to Promote BikeMN Advocacy Day at the Capitol, which is usually in February.  Update the Ride Leader Picnic line item to include VIP as well, since it will be a combined event and remove Key Volunteer Picnic line item from February.  Remove Swap Meet event from March and move to April.  Remove Key Volunteer Picnic function from June.  Move Annual Banquet functions from June to April.  Move Proxy Voting function from June to August, update person responsible.  For August, indicate year jerseys were last updated.   For September, remove Annual Recognition Dinner confirm venue, as this is already in April.  For November, add reminder to print annual meeting minutes for distribution at annual meeting and change person responsible for new member letter review to the Board.  Add the Committee Function in November and update the task to say Identify/confirm Board Liaisons for committees then remove the Committee function from December.


The board requested that the New Member Coordinator information be removed from the Newsletter as we no longer have a coordinator.   Kristi Linder from Membership committee currently sends out the new member letter and Dick will request a copy for the board to review at the next meeting to see if any changes are needed.



Member Suggestion for mileage tracking

A member submitted an e-mail suggesting we remove gender from mileage tracking (i.e. don’t track women and men separately for mileage awards).   This was an interesting idea that had not been considered, but the board did not feel it was time to make this change.




New Ride Leader Training and Leader Forum Update (Pete Hawkins)

Dates have been set for new ride leader training, one in February and one in March.  Each consist of 2 evening classes and we hope to have 4 or 5 instructors to help with training.  A limit of 10 people per training was set, but may be expanded depending on response.  The Ride Leader Forum will be April 16th and all ride leaders must attend.  All meetings will be via Zoom, rather than in person. 


Board Strategic Planning

The board needs to set up a date/place to have an in person meeting in the Spring.




Upcoming Events


Board Meeting, Monday, January 8, 2024


A motion was made by Craig Larson and seconded by Jean Bentley to adjourn the meeting.   There was no opposition, the motion passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm


Meeting minutes recorded by Pat Diedrich