Minutes December 2021

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

December 13, 2021

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Ann Harris, Pat Diedrich, John Rogers, John Benda, Jean Bentley, Craig Larson, Rita Rowe, Roger Fickbohm.

Members Absent: Jean Hurlbert

Non-Board Members Present: Pete Hawkins, Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Bob Fix, Patt Seleen

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm. The meeting minutes from November 15, 2021 were reviewed. A few minor changes to the minutes were recommended by Dick Stardig. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich to accept the revised meeting minutes, and seconded by Jean Bentley. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

Ride/Stats and Technology – The following items were discussed at length:

  • Possible change from Neon to Ridestats for Membership. Dick reviewed a document containing the advantages and disadvantages that were provided by the Tech Committee, along with comments from Mary Derks and follow up responses from the Technology committee that addressed many of Mary’s concerns. The board discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of moving membership to RideStats, the fact that pricing for Neon has been corrected and reduced to a lower fee schedule, a credit for previous month overpayments will be issued that will cover the next 6 months of our subscription with Neon, and that Michele from RideStats is currently working with another large club to provide Membership tracking services (so TCBC would not be the first). The Board agreed that it made sense to wait to make a decision on this until after Michele has developed the membership services with the other bike club and the Tech Committee has a chance to evaluate how things work out with the other club. John Rogers requested a diagram or flow chart be prepared to help the board understand the process flow between the membership tracking and RideStats tracking. Jim Pederson agreed to work with Bob to put together a flowchart to share with the board. A question was also asked about whether or not the Tech Committee had considered other programs besides Neon and RideStats. Jim reported that they had looked but could not find any other program that provided the mileage tracking that RideStats provides. A motion was made by Craig Larson and seconded by Pat Diedrich to table this issue until the March meeting. There was no opposition, the motion passed.
  • TCBC Store Options. With the adjustments made to the Neon subscription TCBC is no longer paying the $40/month fee for the storefront option to sell TCBC merchandise. The only items currently being sold are map clips (helmet mirrors had been sold in the past). Roger reported there are 42 map clips at $5 each reported as inventory on the TCBC balance sheet. The board discussed whether or not it was necessary to have a store front for this type of merchandise. The items are safety related and have TCBC logos but similar items could be easily found on Amazon (and are likely less expensive). The board concluded that existing inventory could be sold at All Club Rides, The Bike Swap, via Ride Leaders and other methods until there is no inventory left. Ann will contact Linda Johnson to be sure she does not order any additional map clips. It was suggested that ride leaders who are willing to sell clips at their rides could submit the payments they collect the same way they had submitted the $3 ride fee they collected from non-members.
  •  RWGPS – New Benefit for Members. Dick reported that Johnny Pugh suggested that the club offer members “active” access to the club’s RWGPS account. Currently only Ride Leaders have access to the Club’s paid Ride With GPS subscription. The “active” access would allow members to have verbal turn by turn directions when using the RWGPS app on their smartphone but would not allow members to edit existing routes created by ride leaders. This could be advertised as an additional benefit to members, but for no additional cost to the club. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich and seconded by Craig Larson to allow this access as a new benefit once a process for requesting and granting access has been determined. There was no opposition, the motion passed. Dick will follow up with Johnny on how he would consider setting up the process for determining eligibility and granting access to those who request it (and how members can request access). It was also suggested that a review of who has access be added to the annual calendar to be sure access is removed for those who are no longer TCBC members.
  • Meetup. Dick discussed the idea of encouraging ride leaders to post rides on the Meetup App and a possibility that it could be integrated with RideStats. There is potential to gain new members by posting rides on Meetup, although it does involve a few extra steps for ride leaders. Pete agreed to include information on how to set up rides in Meetup in the ride leader training and forums. John Benda also requested the Board Member Orientation program include information on what Meetup is and how it works.

Volunteer Committee – Dick reported that Shelby Miller has agreed to be the Volunteer Coordinator.

Membership Committee- no update

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported there were no accidents to report. She is working with Debra Eardley on creating regular safety related articles for the newsletters.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson reported that the Newsletter is on track to be published for Jan/Feb.

The board discussed whether or not members know how to update their preferences for receiving the newsletter via mail or electronically (to potentially reduce postage and printing expense if more people opted to receive it electronically). Kate Kovar indicated that the goal of the sponsorship committee is to obtain enough sponsorship/advertising revenue to offset newsletter and other advertising expenses. In some years this revenue more than offset expenses. So even though postage and printing costs are a large expense, they are offset by the sponsorship revenue. It was still recommended that instructions be provided to members on their options for obtaining the newsletter and also remind members that the newsletter is available on the website (many times it comes out on the website before it is sent electronically to members, and the online version is in color).

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Fickbohm submitted the November Treasurers’ Report

  • Reviewed Cash Balances as of November 30, 2021 (minor correction made between restricted account and operating account).
  • Uncashed check for Recovery Bike Shop – John Benda will follow up.
  • Reviewed November 30, 2021 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss and transactions.
  • Preliminary budget has been prepared with feedback from Kate and Pete on Sponsorship Revenue and Rider Leader Training expenses. Budget to be reviewed in depth at planning session early next year.
  • Tax information to be filed via e-file, no taxes due.
  • Roger F will track credit from Neon over the next six months.

Equity Committee – John Benda reported that the committee met after taking a few months off. They discussed doing more bike rodeos and seeking out additional partners to participate with rodeos and Open Streets. The committee is considering more creative ways to market the E^3 Rides and possibly partner with other organizations to promote the rides. John is part of the Bike U committee and hopes to offer a session on equity and outdoor activities. The committee plans to meet more regularly going forward.

Old/Follow-up Business

Member Concern Sent to Board – John Benda followed up with the member and had a nice conversation. The member may join the Equity Committee. Rita drafted a letter to go to the member and asked Dick to review/proof it before being sent.

TCBC T-Shirts and stickers – Ann reported that t-shirts have been received and look great. She ordered bags to be used for mailing the shirts and stickers to rider leaders and other key volunteers. The t-shirts will be available for sale in January, along with the sweatshirts.

Free Bike 4 Kidz Volunteer Opportunity – John reported that the event was rescheduled and they have 15 volunteers. He may organize another session if there is enough interest.

New Board Member Onboarding Session – Pete reported that he and Patt Seleen are reviewing and updating the materials that were created in 2012 and updated in 2014. There is much editing to be done but they hope to have it ready by the January board meeting. The board discussed the possibility of having a shortened board meeting so the session could be presented during the January board meeting.

Strategic Planning Meeting – Pat Diedrich suggested waiting to schedule a planning session until after the board onboarding session can be held. Depending on the covid situation, the board will determine whether a meeting in person is feasible.

Master Calendar – Dick and Pat Diedrich are reviewing the calendar document and plan to provide edits for Pete Hawkins and Patt Seleen within the next week or so.

New Business

Swap Meet – Ann Harris will follow up with Linda Johnson to see if any date has been reserved for this event. The rental fee that was paid for last year’s swap meet has been carried over for this year. With the uncertainty about covid, the board will revisit next month to determine if the event should be held.

New Ride Leader Training – Pete Hawkins reported that he, Jeff Johnson and Patt Seleen are discussing the potential for a Zoom training session. The training is normally held in January but will likely be delayed to February as they review materials and determine how best to conduct the training.

Ride Leader Forum – Pete and Patt reported that this is usually held in April and the room rental fee is usually around $400-$500. They are unsure with covid whether or not this will be held in person. They had positive feedback from rider leaders about the Zoom session held this past year, so they may do that again this year. They may survey ride leaders to determine their comfort level with meeting in person. Ann Harris commented that if it was held in person, it would be nice to provide a meal.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting January 10, 2021

A motion was made by Jean Bentley to adjourn meeting, it was seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Pat Diedrich