Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board members present: Edward Eroe, Mike Kubes, Kasey Kramer, Fran Rabe, Shelby Miller, George Blank, Bob Fix, Dick Stardig, and Ann Harris.

Non-members present: Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Mary Derks and Pete Hawkins.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm. The meeting minutes from November were reviewed. There was one wording correction to be made. A motion was made by Mike to accept the corrected minutes, and it was seconded by Bob. The motion passed with no opposition.


Ride Stats

Bob told the board that Michele is aware of the issues with the mobile view. It is scheduled to be fixed. Bob did a thorough comparison of this years and last years mileage data. Most of the decrease in miles came during the “non-fair weather” time period. But for the good weather part of the year people are riding.


Edward informed the board that the technology committee met last Thursday. There is an issue with the website forum where people can’t get into the forum from outside the USA. Kate has already addressed this on the forum. There was some discussion about re-doing the website. The committee has discussed possibly doing a survey of some sort. Mark Thornsjo had done some work on this in the past, so Edward will attempt to contact him.


Mike did not have anything to report regarding volunteer committee. He told the board he is still working on getting socks for sale again. The club could order the minimum order of 25 and offer them for sale on our website, and then ship the socks out to members who buy them. Mike will talk to Borah again.


George told the board there was 1 accident in October, resulting in some bumps and bruises. A rider had some trouble getting into the insurance form from the website, George will follow up on that.


Doug is working on the January/February issue. Doug contacted LAB about re-printing articles, and he is waiting to hear back from them. Pete H suggested we should have a safety article in every issue besides the safety report. He also feels that we are not participating in bicycling issues currently affecting bicyclists. Pete also suggested having a feature article of each organization that is shown on the front cover of the newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger was able to work with Card Pointe to get the transaction details he was lacking previously. Roger made an error in the pre-paid insurance expenses. He will correct this. Roger has changed his mind and would like to continue as club treasurer.


Membership is down about 1 percent from last month. However, this is not currently prime riding season.

Old Business

Leader Gift

Penn cycle is no longer a sponsor, so losing them might impact gift card purchases.

Banquet update

Mike can get a list of people who have offered to volunteer for banquets and events. We may need volunteers to solicit for donations/door prizes.

New Business

Randonneur Ride

Pete H stated that a rider was killed on a randonneur ride, and several people/groups are being sued as a result. If the lawsuit is successful it could potentially change things for the club. He will touch more on this at the ride leader forum in the spring.

Bicycle Meet Up Club

Mary Derks received a phone call from a member of the Twin Cities Bicycle Meet Up Group who was looking at a possible group set up similar to what Randall has with his group. They would still operate as their own group but would be under the umbrella of TCBC and would be covered under our insurance. Rides would be posted to both club’s schedules. Their leaders would need to be trained in under our ride leader training program. A few TCBC members could go to their meeting and share our info. The meet up group member will speak to others in his club to see if there is any interest in joining with TCBC. If so he will try to arrange a meeting.

A motion was made by Bob to adjourn, and it was seconded by Edward. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer