Minutes August 2022

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

August 1, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, Rita Rowe, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, Roger Fickbohm, John Benda, Ann Harris. Absent: Craig Larson

Non-Board Members Present: Patt Seleen, Jim Pederson, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from June 13, 2022 were reviewed. A motion was made by Jean Hurlbert to accept the meeting minutes and seconded by Jean Bentley. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Dick Stardig, reported for the Technology Committee.

No Meeting held- No Report

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report provided.

Reviewed Membership report and noted that we are losing membership with current members not renewing. The Board is wondering how this renewing member statistic held up next to pre-Covid in 2019. Jean will request this information from membership committee. Jean will also request the survey we discussed in May that would survey non-renewing members and to see if we can get reasons why they did not renew.

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

There was one accident report regarding three riders. One rider reached down while riding on a trail for water bottle at about mile 70 of 100-mile ride. Rider was in the back but ran into rider in front of him and brought that rider and one other rider down. Injuries were incurred by three


Equity Committee Report – John Benda

Scheduled June 18 for SE Como Energy Fair with a Bike Rodeo, Also Opens Streets – East Franklin is scheduled. John has gotten free swag and will have bike safety and bike trivia.

Held an E3 Ride but only volunteers showed up. Jean Hurlbert told John Benda about organization that may be a good partner on events. Jean will send information for Artbuddies.org to John and introduce him to the executive director, Heidi Rich. Finally, we are looking for volunteers for St. Paul Bike Classic – need volunteers for TCBC Booth and helmet fitting. Date is September 11th. Will put call out for volunteers in rider communications. John will put a call out to leaders on the forum to see if anyone is interested in doing outreach ride for this. John Rogers will submit ride as outreach on the schedule.

Newsletter – Doug Nelson and Steve Scott reported on Newsletter

Current newsletter is done and next newsletter starts next week. Doug put a big call out for someone to do the Recognition Corner. He also needs news and trip recaps. Steve said we may be looking at a printer change that could have a lower price; last newsletter pictures were dark and although Steve reconciled this with the current printer he is continuing to look at options.

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of July 31, 2022
  • We have one uncashed check from Parks and Trails.
  • Neon is getting easier every month to use.
  • Roger would like to do the end of the year charitable contributions before fiscal year end. The board would like to review the contributions. Some of the charitable orgs were not known to people and we wanted to get a better sense for these organizations and whether they were still viable. We give about $4,000 each year. We agreed to do these checks in October.

Old/Follow-up Business

July 4th Club Ride Event

Due to storms this ride was cancelled. There was a lot of membership interest in the ride and in the pizza lunch after. Doug Nelson went to start of ride to make sure nobody showed up and nobody did. Doug also called Ramsey County and let them know that we did not use the shelter. We all thought that this would be an event to reconsider in 2023.

Annual Business Meeting/Recognition Banquet – proposed for November 19th – 5p Social hour and 6:30 Dinner – Location Fridley

Discussed having Covid contingency plan and make decision in October.

Need to set up a planning committee. Shelby gave Dick a to do list for meeting. Dick is going to work on getting core committee for banquet and put out a call to general membership for remaining help needed.

Dick will contact membership about the annual meeting. This is done via email from the Neon System and the help of Mary Derks and Membership Committee. Doug will add information about the Annual Meeting in the newsletter and Dick will mention it in the President’s Column.

Dick will also set up sign up for the Banquet and get the proxy voting set up for meeting. Registration will be required to attend.

Time was confirmed as 5PM Social Hour and 6:30 Dinner. Members are free and Non-Members $30 fee. There will be a cash bar. Rita Rowe has also volunteered to help as venue liaison.

Ride Leader Gifts

 Ann Harris has done some research into ride leader gifts. Jean Hurlbert has a client who does this for his business. She will approach him to see what ideas he may have.

VIP Picnic

Date changed to September 20th. More to come at next meeting.

TC Marathon Booth – October 1st

Ann is getting a certificate of insurance from Pete Hawkins and will forward to TC Marathon Group Expo. We will set up banner at booth and do a slide show. Give away T-Shirts to any people who sign up as new members, stickers and magnets. We will also have computer available to sign up. Discussed having QR Code available for easy sign up. Ann Harris and Shelby Miller are looking for volunteers for event.

Doug Nelson will look in storage for banner and get to John Benda and Jean Bentley. He will also take a informal inventory of what is in storage locker.

TCBC Merchandise

We have 10 new colors available for T-shirts and new colors available for sweatshirt. This will be added to online store.

Ride Leader Liaison

Pete and Patt are worried about succession planning for Ride Leader Liaisons and would like the board to try to recruit members for the committee. The position would include training, liaison, forum – Pete and Patt agreed to write a job description.

Fall All Club Ride

Dick Stardig is finalizing routes which are the same routes as 2021. Tom Brix has lined up ride leaders and volunteers for the event. We need to enter different mileage rides into ride schedule. A weather contingency plan was discussed, and it was suggested that talking with ride leaders and perhaps delaying rides start would be possible.

Halloween Ride

Pat Diedrich is working on organization and doing an indoor lunch if Covid restrictions allow. Glen Olson is working on Route Planning. Start point is Como Park area with tentative date of October 29th. This will be put in the TCBC ENews and a save the date will be put in Newsletter – Pat will get information to Doug.

New Business

Short-Term Memberships

Had discussion about allowing there to be a $10 – 30-day membership available one time per year. Membership would track temporary memberships. This would have to be estimated in the count for insurance costs. Pete will double check this $10 – 30 -day membership. Guest registrations have about a 30% chance of becoming full members as of today.

We will talk about at September Meeting and about how to advertise or roll out this option.

Jersey Committee

Ann Harris Is heading up forming a new Jersey Committee. So far members are Ann, Jean Hurlbert, Dick Stardig, Shelby Miller and Tony Le.

Non-Binary Membership Option

We have had a person approach club about doing a non-binary membership. Neon does not have this available and would need to be explored to see if this can be done. Patt Seleen and John Benda are going to reach out to people they have met that may have ideas on changing to non-binary language.

Ride Template Approval

Decision was made to turn function off that ride templates will need to be approved; it is serving no useful function so getting rid of this will ease ride leaders’ responsibilities a bit.

Master Calendar

Any changes in board members this year? Nobody’s term is running out at end of this fiscal year. That being said if anyone is wanting off board they need to make announcement asap so we can start nomination committee. Dick Stardig, Pat Diedrich, Rita Rowe and Jean Hurlbert will all be up for nomination.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, September 12th

Fall All Club Ride, Sept 3rd

VIP Picnic, Sept 20th

TC Marathon Expo Volunteer, September 30th – Oct 1st

Halloween Ride, October 29th

Banquet, November 19th

A motion was made Pat Diedrich to adjourn the meeting seconded by Jean Bentley. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:26pm

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert