Minutes August 2020

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Ann Harris, Kasey Kramer, John Benda, Mike Kubes, Shelby Miller, Bob Fix, Craig Larson, Dick Stardig, George Blank, and Roger Fickbohm.

Non-Board Members Present: Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, and Mary Derks.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15pm. The meeting minutes from July were reviewed. There were 2 wording corrections to be made. A motion was made by Mike to accept the corrected meeting minutes, and it was seconded by John. The motion passed with no opposition.


Volunteer Committee

Mike told the board that the jersey store is open. All the water containers from the storage unit have been claimed, but the kitchen supplies were not wanted. Mike has sent some emails to other charities to see if they would like the kitchen supplies.


Nothing to report.


Doug is going to run the safety article again in the upcoming issue, and there could be some information about upcoming events or lack thereof.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed bank accounts and balances with the board. There are no uncashed checks. Dues are down, newsletter revenue is down, but expenses are also down. There was a surprise credit from the club insurance company. The budget has been adjusted due to there being no Watermelon Ride.

Solo Rides

 In June there were 9 rides/week with 17 members/ride. In July there were 12 rides/week with 14 members/ride. More ride leaders and rides have been added for August. From the stats it appears that a core group of riders are doing a lot of the rides. It was suggested to send out more info about solo rides to members and perhaps promote the Facebook page.

Open Club to Riding/Upcoming Rides

It is not a good idea to open the club to group riding at this time. It was suggested to turn the fall All Club Ride into a solo ride, as well as the Halloween Ride. Ann will contact Erik’s Bike Shop to see what they may be willing to do for riders for the Halloween ride, and Dick will work on some routes for the All Club Ride. The club would have to expand the current mileage limitation from 75 to 100 miles for all the routes on the All Club Ride. There was no opposition to this. Training materials for training solo ride leaders is almost done. Once the material is finished then more ride leaders can volunteer to be solo ride leaders. The tech committee will discuss this at their next meeting and info will go out to ride leaders.


Membership is down, and renewals are down as well. Mary D questioned the possibility of sending an email out to expired members detailing the solo rides program to see if that would generate interest. Mary will draft an email. Via the e-news, club members will be encouraged to do solo rides, and post info and photos on the club Facebook page. Mike B will also be asked to put something on Facebook encouraging riders to post items.


Ann told the board that 7 sweatshirts were sold in the last store. 48 total have been sold. Ann will arrange another store to be opened.

Diversity Statement

 John shared info about the #irideforthem hashtag. John would like to create a route that would go to/past areas in the cities where significant evens have happened, and riders could learn about what members of the black community are experiencing.

VIP Picnic

A motion was made by Mike to cancel this year’s picnic, and it was seconded by George. There was no opposition.

Awards Banquet/Mileage

Most likely the club will need to do a virtual Annual Business Meeting this year but we will still combine the Annual Meeting and the Awards Banquet.

Board Members Leaving

Several members of the board are at the end of their terms soon, so a nominating committee will be formed to look for new potential board members. John will chair the committee and reach out to some other board members to be on the committee. A motion was made by Bob to create a nominating committee with John as the chairperson, with 2 additional members to be named via e-communication. It was seconded by Mike.

Open positions

Garry Glubka is resigning from his position as new member coordinator and the club will need someone to fill in his role. Some club members were suggested and will be contacted to see if they are interested.

A motion was made by Mike to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Bob. The meeting was adjourned at 9:31pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.