Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

August 12, 2019

Life Link III Board Room


Board Members Present: Mike Kubes, Ann Harris, Shelby Miller, Roger Fickbohm, Bob Fix, Fran Rabe, George Blank, Edward Eroe and Dick Stardig.

Board Members not present: Kasey Kramer.

Non-Board Members Present: Mark Thornsjo, Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Pete Hawkins, Patt Seleen and Doug Nelson.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm. Doug volunteered to take the minutes.

The meeting minutes from June 10 were approved with no changes. Jim was presented with a plaque as a Volunteer of the Year Award recipient to resounding applause.

Ride Stats

Bob said that Michele made a couple of fixes for GPS links. There are very few ride reports not received at this point.

Leader Liaisons

Pete said the ride cancellation policy will be revised after they check with more people. A new policy may be presented at the Sept meeting. Fran will become our 3rd liaison soon, replacing Katie Angle.


No news reported by Edward.


Mike will supervise our table and our leaders at the St. Paul Classic.


A couple of accidents have happened lately with no reports. George stressed that leaders need to turn in accident reports. Of three accidents lately, two involved obstacles not being called out by riders.


The board reviewed placement of sponsor ads on the new website and approved them, then delegated final approval of the new website to the technology committee.

Kate reported on reducing the newsletters to bimonthly starting in May 2020, and changing the media kit and rates. As she wrote:

“In an attempt to enhance the various packages I am suggesting we add these various “perks” to the Annual Sponsor packages:

  • Titanium Sponsors will have a fixed ad on the homepage as well as a rotating ad at the top of the calendar. They will have the option to write an article for the newsletter and contribute two articles to the new web based news blog which will be on our home page. Proposed rate would be $1600 down from $2100
  • Steel Sponsors will have a rotating ad on the homepage and one on the top of the calendar. They will have the option of one newsletter article and one web based news blog. Proposed rate would be $800 down from $1100.
  • Marketplace will have the option of either a newsletter or web blog article and could purchase a web banner for $75. Proposed rate would be $320 down from $400.”

And for the Event Sponsors she wrote:

“Starting from the bottom up under Event sponsors in the media kit I would leave the pricing the same for Individual Ads.

Under “Ride and Event Promotion Packages” I would also leave the pricing the same but list the following options:

Print Ad in 3 newsletters or 2 print ads and 1 newsletter article or 1 print ad and 1 newsletter article and 1 website news blog post.

I would leave the web banner ad as an extra $100 for 30 days. I was thinking we could also sell web banner ads without a print ad for $175 so Event packages are getting a deal on their banner. Let me know if that pricing seem right to you.”

Offering sponsors tables at the Banquet will be decided later. We need to see how taxes might be affected. Kate will keep working with Steve on the media kit and with Jim on the website.

After some discussion, Bob made a motion (no second recorded) that these changes should be approved and that the committee can decide the levels as appropriate. Motion passed with no opposition.


Doug reported that the Sept/Oct newsletter is nearly done.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed account balances and reports with the Board visually. Accounts have been reconciled. There were three uncashed checks. Bank account balance looks very healthy. Watermelon profit shows at $1328.

Old Business

TCBC Meetup

Comments: Getting more rides posted in meetup gets higher turnouts. More leaders could post. Meetup people are unfamiliar with how TCBC works. Shelby is getting positive comments.

Nominating Committee

Committee is Fran, Patt, and Linda Johnson. Patt developed a survey for prospective applicants. Opening was mentioned in e-news and will be in next newsletter. Those with terms up and planning on continuing are Edward, Shelby, and Mike.

Fall All-Club Ride

Dick said the 21 and 28 mile routes are the same as before, longer ones are improved from last year, with input from Pete M, Tom B, and Tony A. Ride leaders are being selected.

TCBC Survey

Mark passed out a proposed survey to send to former members who have not renewed. He will work with Jim and Bob. Mark will analyze and write a report and article for a future newsletter.

Annual Meeting/Banquet

This is set for November 16 in Fridley. Board decided members would not pay for the dinner, as is customary for the annual meeting. Non-members will pay a fee to be determined. People must RSVP. It will be a buffet.

New Business

VIP Picnic:

This will be September 16 at Island Lake Park. Mike will supply the list of VIP’s for review.

Watermelon Future:

Doug recommended this be postponed to a later meeting as nothing needs to be decided for a while.

Halloween Ride:

Ann is arranging at Cozy’s again at Como Park for Sunday, October 27.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting and this took place at 8:53 pm.

 Meeting minutes recorded by Doug Nelson