Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Life Link III Board Room

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Mike Kubes, Ann Harris, Edward Eroe, Kasey Kramer, Bob Fix, George Blank, Shelby Miller, Pete May, Roger Fickbohm.

Board Members Not Present: Fran Rabe

Non-Board Members Present: Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Steve Scott, Doug Nelson, and Pete Hawkins.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

The meeting minutes from June were reviewed. There were 2 spelling errors to be corrected. A motion was made by Mike to accept the corrected minutes, and it was seconded by Pete M. The motion passed with no opposition.


Treasurer’s Report

Roger reviewed the account balances with the board. The club recently received a penalty from the IRS. The club has been advised to appeal this penalty and is currently awaiting the decision. There is one check over 30 days old, Roger will wait until the end of August and then re-issue the check. We need to get dates on the calendar for the 2019 budget. The treasurer will be gone for the September meeting, reports will be sent out ahead of the meeting. Roger will also be in Arizona November through April 2019 but will continue treasurer’s duty from down south. Pete H states that insurance rates for the club have gone up. We are not counting kids correctly with insurance. We may need to update the waiver to include the number of kids riding.


There were 184 pre-registered riders, and 45 day of registrations. The rain may have kept many of the day-of riders home. For next year’s ride Doug asked if we could go ahead and reserve the Snail Lake Pavilion? No one was opposed to this.


George told the board there were 6 accidents reported in the last couple months. 3 AB rides, 2 B rides, and 1 C ride had accidents. One dehydrated rider, a couple crashes, some broken bones, and one fatality on a ride. There was one unreported accident, a fall leading to broken bones.


Mike stated that helmet fitting slots for the St Paul Bike Classic are full, but bike marshals are still needed.

Jersey Committee

Mike told the board that 49 Women’s jerseys, 106 Men’s, 28 caps, 8 vests, 9 jackets, 11 fleece, 18 arm warmers, 8 long sleeve jerseys, and 38 pairs of socks have been sold. Mike, Ann, and Shelby are working on the current sock issue. They are not currently on the store as there is a minimum order of 24. The club would have to “guarantee” an order of 24 and deal with/buy any extra inventory. Mike stated he has received many requests for socks from members. Some of the women’s jerseys have elastic on the back of the jersey, and well as finding some color issues. Borah is replacing the affected jerseys.


Bob received a membership report just prior to the meeting and shared the information with the board. 1359 total members, down 31% from 6 years ago. There is a roughly 5 to 6% decline in members each year from peak membership of 6 years ago.


Doug told the board the September/October issue is almost finished. For the next issue there will be an article about David Noennig, but we need another photo for the newsletter. Shelby will speak to David’s family to see if they have a photo that could be used.

Ride Stats

Bob said the club is way behind the mileage of last year. Weekend rides seem to be fewer total miles than previous years, and there are more cancellations this year. Bob would like a communication sent to ride leaders about putting in evening rides/night rides.

Old Business

Minor Waiver

There is nothing to report on this issue at this time. The current policy is working fine right now.

Ride Calendar

No issues currently with rides/events being posted incorrectly. Pete H noted that many ride leaders are not putting contact information in rides. A glitch in the system prevents some email addresses from being displayed, but ride leaders can/should put their contact information in the ride description/text.

New Business

Nominating Committee

Pete M is on his last term as a board member and will chair a committee for a new board member candidate. Pete H stated that the candidate information should be included in the newsletter and e-news prior to the annual meeting.

David Noennig

Shelby has been speaking to David’s wife, she is looking for advice on where to donate his bike tools and possibly a money donation. Pete H suggested some of the organizations the club supports who might be able to use the tools, and they are non-profit organizations.

Sponsorship Meeting

Shelby asked if there were any objections to the club paying for the meal served at the sponsorship meeting. There were no objections.

Halloween Ride

Ann is currently working on the Halloween Ride. It will start from Cozy’s on Como Lake, and the route will be very similar to last year.

VIP Picnic

Shelby and Ann will plan the picnic again this year. It will be sometime in September. Invites will go out at a later date.

Annual Meeting

The board needs to decide on a date for the Annual Meeting. Typically it is the first Sunday in November. Mike will contact Evie about arrangements.

A motion was made by Bob to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by George. The meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer