Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meedting


Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, Shelby Miller, Bob Fix, Edward Eroe, Roger Fickbohm, Pete May, and George Blank.

Board Members Not Present: Diane Ziemer.

Non Board Members Present: Steve Scott, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, Pete Hawkins, and Doug Nelson.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from June were reviewed. The wording in one section needed to be changed, and there was one spelling correction. Pete M made a motion to accept the corrected minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. The motion passed with no opposition.


Roger reviewed the club’s financial data with the board. Roger is looking at how to handle the budget process for 2018 as he is out of town in September and October. The finance committee will consist of Fran, Roger, George, Shelby, and Ginny H. Jake Gjoraas will now be doing audits for the club. Roger will be working with him to handle the financial reports for August, and Jake will handle the September accounting. Roger asked for the board to approve Jake being given access to Bremer Bank account, Quick Books, and Blue Pay. Check will Tom Brix while Roger is gone.

Checking account balance is up. Some pre-paid expenses for the All Club Ride and next year’s Watermelon Ride are already in our books. The Watermelon Ride profit is up from last year. Our income is very close to last year, and expenses are slightly higher this year compared to last year. Income and expenses compared to budget are very close.


There was no membership report as Fran did not receive any data from membership.


Mike told the board he now has volunteers to go to corporate health fairs, but now he has no fairs to send people to. Mike also said that sometimes the “Recognition Corner” in the newsletter doesn’t have anyone to recognize. When that happens he would like to write up something about people who work for the club “behind the scene”.

Ride Stats

Bob told the board that things are going well with ride stats. We only have a few ride leaders not using ride stats. Through July 5th we only have 1 outstanding ride.

Tech Committee

Edward told the board that the tech committee is not meeting this summer. They will pick up again this fall.

Safety Report

George gave the board a briefing of recent safety events in the club. There were a few crashes on recent rides, one with serious injuries. One rider slipped on a wet road/lane marking.


Kate Kovar informed the board that the new media kit will be going out in September. Is the board planning on any changes to the newsletter numbers for the upcoming year? No, the board does not anticipate any changes at this time.

New Business

VIP Picnic

The date for the VIP picnic has been set. It will be as Island Lake Park on Monday, September 18th. Mike has a list of potential invitees that he will send around.

Not for Profit Contributions

Fran passed around a list of last year’s recipients of charitable contributions from TCBC. Does the board want to contribute the same amount and to the same recipients? The board decided to keep both the amounts and the recipients the same as last year.

Banquet Facilities

Fran told the board that there have been several request for a closer facility for the awards banquet and the annual meeting. Cost comparison for Crystal Lake Gold Course vs a closer facility show that Crystal Lake is much cheaper. There was a suggestion to look at Keller Lake Golf Course. Fran will get a quote and compare to Crystal Lake. The annual business meeting will be November 5th, and the proposed date for the awards banquet is February 10th.


Doug gave the board a briefing of the Watermelon Ride. The weather was great, there were no accidents reported. Next year there will be more publicity about the ride.

Midnight to Dawn Bike Ride

Fran spoke to the board regarding the Midnight to Dawn Bike Ride. This is an outreach ride that is put on after dark, and it is felt that this ride conflicts with TCBC night riding rules. It is felt that the other riders on the ride are often unsafe, the ride goes all night, but most bike lights do not. Should we still be allowing this ride to go on as an outreach ride in the future? It was decided to add to outreach ride guidelines that “Outreach rides cannot conflict with current TCBC ride policies”. This will be discussed at the annual meeting so ride leaders are aware.

New Jersey

The club will need a committee for upcoming ideas for a design for a new club jersey and /or other promotional items we will be offering for the club’s upcoming anniversary. Ideally there should be a board member on the committee. The plan is to get a design committee to form in November, and have a new jersey available at the awards banquet and out to people by the spring All Club Ride. Mike, Shelby, George, and Kasey expressed interest in being on the committee.

September Board Meeting

Fran told the board she has a conflict on the date of the September board meeting. Would we like to move the meeting to a week later or have it on the regular date and have someone else lead it? The meeting will be moved to September 12th.

Upcoming Events

All Club Ride: September 2nd, 2017

St Paul Classic: September 10th, 2017

Non Board Members left the meeting to allow the board to discuss nomination committee updates at 8:20pm

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.