Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting

August 2nd, 2016

Life Link III Board Room

Board Members Present: Diane Ziemer, Roger Fickbohm, Fran Rabe, Kasey Kramer, Mike Kubes, George Blank, Pete May, Edward Eroe.

Board Members Not Present: Shelby Miller, Paul Frenz.

Non Board Members Present: Jim Pederson, Kate Kovar, Steve Scott, Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Bob Fix.

The meeting was called to order at 6:25pm.

Minutes from the June meeting were reviewed.  There was one punctuation error, and Doug’s name needed to be added to the list of people present.  A motion was made by Mike to accept the corrected minutes.  It was seconded by Diane. No opposition, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger presented and reviewed the financial data with the board.  Bank accounts have not been reconciled as account info was not available.  This is due to the board meeting being early this month.  More sponsors are paying by credit card again. Assets are very similar to where they were last year.  Compared to budget, revenue is down, but only a little bit.  We are coming in below budget on expenses, so we are in a good place financially.


The membership report from Mary was reviewed, the board discussed the data through the month of June.  Memberships are still down some, similar to what we have seen in previous months. 

General Business

Bike Shop Partnership Update

Pete updated the board on the bike shop/club partnership giving a free membership to customers who purchase a new bike from sponsor stores.  So far 32 total memberships have been handed out.  Pete found at the store he visited that the club had a greater presence at Penn cycle than at Erik’s. So far the program is going well. 


Doug gave a re-cap of the Watermelon ride in July.  The ride went well. There was plenty of food, no accidents, and lots of volunteers.  Registration was down a little this year, most likely due to it being a weekend ride, and not as much publicity for the ride this year.  Doug would like to use Snail Lake Pavilion again next year. 


Fran asked the board whether the e-news feature needed to be done monthly.  The topics covered were somewhat redundant, and they were often used elsewhere.  The board felt that while the topics could be similar to those used elsewhere that the e-news was still a valuable tool for members.  The club should still publish the e-news monthly, but we should all try to get more topics and articles for the e-news. 


Fran presented to the board on this topic.  Dan Miller will be putting together a committee on e-rides.  This committee will be working on things like the roles, definitions, use, and future of e-rides. 

New Board Members

Diane will be collecting names for any potential new board member candidates.  5 board members will reach the end of their terms this year (George, Kasey, Diane, Pete, and Paul).  Pete, Kasey, George and Diane have all indicated they are willing to stay on the board for another term.  However Paul has reached the end of the amount of time he is allowed to serve (6 years).  If anyone knows of any interested parties please contact Diane.  Bios for members up for re-election should go in next newsletter.  There will need to be a committee for appointing the new board member candidates.  Diane, Pete H, and one other person will form this committee.  An article about nominations will be put up on the forum on the website too.

Newsletter Format Project

There has been discussion about re-designing the newsletter.  Instead of running the full printed schedule, we will run a copy of an “example schedule” that will show an image of the schedule from the website.  It will also direct readers to go to the website to see the full schedule.  If we are considering this we need to get images to Kate for her to put in the media kit to go out to sponsors for next year. 

Replacing the ride schedule with the “example” instead of pages of ride descriptions means we can fill empty space with stories about riding, articles about biking, ride safety articles, etc.…The ride schedule will still be used for overnight and outreach rides.  We are looking at potentially starting this in January. 


Steve would like to make the website header the same graphic as the one on the club jerseys and the new tent.  He showed several examples to the board, several different logos and showing the banner in different color schemes (the blue and green vs the blue and orange).   The board discussed changing the banner, or leaving the current blue banner up.  The board decided to update the banner, and voted on a design.  The new design will be made up in both color schemes and we will rotate between them so as not to exclude either jersey color choice. 


Doug spoke regarding the newsletter.  Latest edition of the newsletter featured a couple “throwback” articles from years past.  The next issue will be the combined September/October issue.  Next Wednesday the deadline for that issue. 


Mike told the board there are extra t-shirts from the Watermelon ride.  Should we give extras to people at the VIP picnic or use as door prizes at the banquet?  It was decided to use them at the banquet.  Mike said there were many volunteers at the Watermelon ride this year.  Thank you to all those who volunteered their time. 

Nigerian Request

Fran was contacted with a request from an individual in Nigeria trying to set up a bike club for kids.  Fran googled/researched this person and he seems legit.  However, several board members recommended she advise this person to contact MN Bike Coalition or MN Bike Alliance if this person wants help with a bike club for children. 


Bob did not have any update regarding Michelle or the website/ride stats.  We will need to get the names of the ride stats people for the VIP picnic.

Upcoming Events

Fall All Club Ride is Saturday, September 3rd at Minnetonka City Hall Complex.

St Paul Classic is Sunday, September 11th.

Key Volunteer Picnic will be Thursday, September 22nd at Island Lake Park in Shoreview.  5:30 or 6:00pm. We will need to get the invite/VIP list. 

The Annual Meeting will be held Sunday November 6th and the Awards Banquet will be held January 28th, 2017.  Both these events will be held at the Crystal Lake Golf Course and Banquet in Lakeville.  This was the site of last year’s awards banquet. 

The November board meeting will be moved to November 15th instead of November 8th, as the 8th is election night.

The next board meeting will be September 6th.

The Halloween ride will be coming up soon.  We will ask last year’s organizers if they are interested in doing it again this year.  The ride will be Saturday, October 29th

A motion was made by Pete to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Diane.  No opposition, motion passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:17pm. 

Minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.