Minutes April 2022

Meeting Minutes for TCBC

April 11, 2022

Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Dick Stardig, Ann Harris, Jean Hurlbert, Pat Diedrich, Craig Larson, Rita Rowe, John Rogers, Jean Bentley, Roger Fickbohm

Non-Board Members Present: Pete Hawkins, Doug Nelson, Steve Scott, Kate Kovar, Jim Pederson, Mary Derks, Scott Larson, Kristi Linder

The meeting was called to order by Dick Stardig at 6:30 pm.

The meeting minutes from March 14, 2022 were reviewed. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich to accept the meeting minutes and seconded by Jean Bentley. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Reports and Committees

RideStats and Technology – Dick Stardig, reported for the Technology Committee.

Michele is still busy with normal job so has not had time to install API Code. Dick said that Box Fix discussed several items during Technology Meeting including some ride calendar issues, issues with times of ride, verbiage for ride cancellation, and Microsoft email accounts being blocked (note this has been fixed). Finally, during the Technology Meeting the committee discussed the Ride Leader Forum Technology Presentation.

Ride with GPS contest will be discussed on ENews. The committee is working on a Ride with GPS Training session and is working with Alex Gay, Ride with GPS Rep for training material. Chuck Faison will discuss the interface of Ride with GPS and Garmin.

Discussion of membership: Facebook Followers -3,081; Facebook Discussion Group – 417; Meet-up Site – 853.

Regarding Facebook Discussion site there is an automated component of Facebook where a general statement welcoming new members is done. This has been confusing to some as it comes across as we are welcoming new TCBC Members. Pat Diedrich recommended changes to the welcome statement to administrator of the Facebook Discussion Group.

Membership Committee- Jean Hurlbert reported on the membership report provided.

Received membership report directly from Membership Committee – specifically Mary Derks. The board liked this report and specifically liked seeing the new members vs renewal. Discussed that Membership Committee would be giving a demo of Neon during New Business.

Safety Committee – Jean Bentley reported for Safety Committee

There were no accidents to report.  

Newsletter – Doug Nelson reported on Newsletter

Discussed that we had all info needed for the next Newsletter. We discussed doing a sponsorship promotion and opted to not do this at this time.

Treasurer Report – Roger Fickbohm

  • Reviewed Operating/Savings/Investment and Bank Balances as of March 31, 2022
  • Reviewed March 31, 2022 Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss and transactions.
  • We have received a Bank Debit Card that will be used for recurring charges
  • Budget is being worked on and will be finalized when Roger returns to MN to meet in person with Finance Committee.
  • Neon is working well and credit received for negotiated charges continues.
  • Revenue reported of 4,200 was the highest one month reported revenue since 2017.

Equity Committee – Dick Stardig presented committee report from John Benda

Bike U presentation – Erin Ayala from the Stamina Racing Collective, a femme/trans/women’s racing group, gave a good presentation about what made them feel comfortable at group/racing events. Made point that while some riders may not look like traditional riders they should be welcomed regardless.

The Equity Committee would like TCBC to participate in Open Streets in September 2022. Cost to register is $150. A motion was made by Jean Hurlbert to support Open Streets in September with $150 registration fee this was seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

The Equity Committee continues to look for Bike Rodeo Events and E3 Rides.

Old/Follow-up Business

Swap Meeting Recap

New venue in White Bear Lake was good; plenty of room, received a lot of good feedback and signed up four new members at event.

Ride Leader Training/Forum Updates

At time of meeting 120 ride leaders have signed up for forum. Training will start early with chat rooms for socializing. The presentation will be shorter. All training information is up on the website and during training there will be a focus to get Ride Leaders to review and access this information on a regular basis.

A reminder was given that even if two ride leaders are using one zoom connection both ride leaders need to complete registration for the training. Jim reviewed that Zoom was limited to 100 so he was going to increase this number. (This will also test the debit card for payment).

Discussed that Board Members who are not ride leaders should consider participating.

Spring All Club Ride

Doug Nelson checked the Hugo School District and got permission from church and school for event. City of Hugo already has insurance information so we do not need to refile this. School will not be open so did rental of 3 Porta Potties – Cost is $405. A motion was made by Pat Diedrich to approve Porta Potties and cost of $405 this was seconded by Jean Bentley. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Routes include – 71 miles, 57 miles, 38 miles. The routes are looking good. Bob Floyd agreed to do new cue sheets. Doug will work with Bob to make cue sheets easily readable. Pete May did past maps and Steve Scott has agreed to work on updating these.

Jean Bentley is working on getting Ride Leaders. To date, Linda Johnson and Johnny Pugh; 57-mile leaders, Carol Fitzgerald; 38-mile leader, Lyle Koehler; 21-mile leader. Jean will continue to look for 71-mile leaders. She would like to have two leaders for each ride option.

Jean and Doug are working on tasks like tables. Doug agreed to go to storage unit and do an inventory. Ann Harris will bring stickers and magnets. We will also work on somebody to do pictures and Jean Bentley will reach out to Don Picard.

Jim Pederson reminded us that ride needed to be posted on Ride Schedule. Dick Stardig agreed to help Jean Bentley get the rides posted.

July 4th Club Ride Event

Doug Nelson updated us about making reservation for Turtle Lake Pavilion at a cost of $400. A motion was made by Craig Larson to approve Turtle Lake Pavilion and cost of $400 this was seconded by Ann Harris. There was no opposition, the motion passed. Discussed the logistics of this ride – the venue has bathrooms available and adequate parking (use of middle school for overflow parking was discussed). Discussed wanting to socialize after ride and having staggered ride starts for mileage options so people finished at similar times. Suggestion was made to do catering. Ann Harris will talk to Volunteer Coordinator about coordinating volunteers. We also talked about NOT blacking out date for other club rides.

 Strategic Planning

Set up Happy Hour on Thursday May 19th at 5:30 at Malcom Yards

Annual Business Meeting/Recognition Banquet – proposed for November 19th

Ann Harris checked into Town and Country. Fee is 700/two rooms (this is free if member) and $30/plate for sit down dinner more for buffet. We are planning on 200 people. The cost in 2019 at Banquets of MN was 20.25/plate. Formed the start of Banquet Committee with Ann Harris, Jean Hurlbert, Rita Rowe and Pat Diedrich. We will keep looking at different venues. The finance committee will also work on a budget for banquet.

VIP Picnic – September 15th

Has been held at Island Lake in the past – Ann will book shelter. Pat is also going to check into Mendota Heights trailhead area.

Twin Cities Marathon Expo

Ann will reserve booth

New Business

Presentation by Membership Committee

Mary Derks, Scott Larson and Kristi Linder did a presentation of the NEON membership system. We had discussion about being able to do surveys and periodic reminders from system. An example given to us by committee was sending a short survey to members that do not renew to regarding why they opted to not renew. Membership Committee will put a proposal together.

Pledge Rides as Outreach Rides

Pete Hawkins gave us a history of past policy that included pledge rides. The current TCBC policy is that pledging has to be optional (example: St Paul Classic). TCBC would like every member to have the same opportunity to sign up for rides and having each member have to commit to pledges takes away that opportunity.

Objectives of Outreach Rides was to get to know and support other communities. Quality and history of the ride is what is looked at for approval.

Kate talked about policy when organization reach out to the Sponsorship Committee. The Committee recommends that the Forum be used when they do not get listed on Ride Schedule.

The Board will not make changes on this current policy. Discussed having TCBC booth at pledge rides (like Tour De Cure). This could be an opportunity for new members.

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting, May 9, 2022

Strategic Planning Happy Hour, May 17th

A motion was made Jean Bentley to adjourn the meeting seconded by Pat Diedrich. There was no opposition, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 9:36PM

Meeting minutes recorded by Jean Hurlbert