Minutes April 2020

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Board Meeting


Virtual Meeting

Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

Board Member Present: John Benda, Craig Larson, Mike Kubes, Bob Fix, Dick Stardig, George Blank, Shelby Miller, Ann Harris, Roger Fickbohm, and Kasey Kramer.

Non-Members Present: Doug Nelson.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm. The meeting minutes from February were reviewed, there were no corrections to be made. A motion was made by Bob to accept the meeting minutes, and it was seconded by Mike. The motion passed with no opposition.

Committee Reports

Ride Stats

Bob told the board that mileage is way down so far for the year. Michele fixed a couple of bugs in ride stats. The “special” category in ride stats is now only for non-mileage events like the board meetings and Bike U.


The link for the video for ride leaders on how to use ride stats went up today. The committee is moving forward with the e-store, there have been a couple of issues so far. Hopefully the store will be migrated to the website by riding time. Chuck Faison is taking the lead on documentation for when new members join Meetup/TCBC. It was asked if a feature could be added to the app for riders to notify the ride leader that they have finished the ride safely. Bob will pass that on to Michele.

Treasurer’s Report

Roger reminded the board about the taxes needing to be paid. Shelby will discuss with Paul and Roger. Membership/renewal with the League of American Bicyclists is due soon as well. Bob moved to approve the $125 dollar membership fee and have Roger pay it. It was seconded by Mike. There was no opposition. Roger also stated that the annual charitable trust filing is also due. Shelby will take care of renewing that as well. The money from the Watermelon Ride pavilion rental and ride leader training room rental is back in the bank. Money for fees from the swap meet will just be applied to using the venue next year. Roger added a new “view” for monthly dues paid. It is broken down by month. There are 2 uncashed checks, one is for BikeMN. Bob will contact Mary to take care of this.


Borah is willing to hold more stores for jersey sales. Mike is working with Borah on this. Mike will attempt to space them out.


George told the board there was 1 accident in March. A rider going under a tunnel went through water that was actually ice and fell.


This will be the first ever May/June combined issue. Doug has contributed some articles. There is an article about the Stillwater lift bridge.

New Business

All Club Ride

It is looking like the All Club Ride on May 23rd will not be happening. A motion was made by Ann to cancel the All Club Ride, and it was seconded by Bob. Notification will go out in the newsletter. It was suggested that since the e-news goes out every other month a special edition could go out to riders. Other topics could include things like Zwift riding, routes for solo riders, etc.

Ann was approached by a local bike shop after an issue with a member at the store. An article will be written reminding riders to please give business to our sponsors and to treat them with respect.

Doug would like to put something in the newsletter about a club only ride/event on July 4th telling riders to watch the e-news/website for more information. Doug also purchased a battery-operated megaphone that he will let the club use when needed.

Ann suggested a TCBC sweatshirt for before/after bike use. Ann will look into prices and how to get the product.

A motion was made by Bob to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Mike. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.