Meeting Minutes for 2017 TCBC Annual Business Meeting

Crystal Lake Golf Course

Lakeville, MN

President Fran Rabe called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. She welcomed all who were present and displayed the evenings agenda.

Proof of Notice and Minute Approval

Club secretary Kasey Kramer introduced the Board of Directors, and displayed the proof of notice of the business meeting. A copy of the minutes from the 2016 meeting were displayed on the projector for review. Kasey asked if there were any corrections to be made to the minutes. There were none suggested. A motion was made by Jarrod Elston to approve the minutes from 2016, and it was seconded by Mike Kubes. There was no opposition, and the motion passed.

2017 Year in Review

Fran displayed a slide showing different rides and events the club was involved in during the past year. She touched on items like the Ironman Ride, Watermelon Ride, St Paul Classic, and the Bike U events. Fran also covered what was new in 2017, such as new membership recruitment, Ride with GPS, Ride Stats database, 48 hour ride submissions, and the Bike Alliance safety manual. Fran also displayed a slide of the charitable organizations that TCBC has contributed to in the past year.

Fran informed the attendees that the club’s storage locker was broken into sometime recently. The club’s banner, banner holder, and both tents were stolen. This will be investigated in the days to come.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Club Treasurer Roger Fickbohm reviewed the club’s financial data. He displayed a slide with the past years balance sheet. The amount of money in the accounts is up from last year. The club revenue is very close when compared to last year as well. Ironman registration dues are down a little when compared to past years. Expenses are also very close to last year, they are down just a little bit. Roger thanked Don Hopkins for getting the club mail and Tom Brix for helping out with the club checks. He also thanked Linda Johnson for taking care of the inventory.

Membership Committee

Diane Ziemer spoke on behalf of the membership committee. Diane detailed a little of what the membership committee does and how they work. She also talked about the club’s online functionality. Diane then displayed a slide on membership stats. It showed a membership decline of approximately 17% from 2013 to 2017. She also highlighted some of the things that have been done this year to try to increase membership. These include participating in corporate health fairs, and representation at various events like North Star Bike Fest and St Paul Classic.

Sponsorship Committee

Ginny Halloran presented on behalf of the Sponsorship Committee. She detailed the free membership with a purchase of a bike program the club formed with Erik’s and Penn cycle. There were 52 total new memberships with this program, but none of them renewed. The committee will be monitoring the program in 2018. There will be no increase in advertising rates in 2018. There was an increase in event ads for 2017. Ginny asked members to please visit stores and identify yourself as a TCBC member. Please use coupons from the newsletter, and lead rides from sponsor stores.

Jake Gjoraas introduced himself to the attendees, and to discuss the 2017 audit. There were no exceptions noted during the audit.

Technology Committee

Edward Eroe addressed everyone on behalf of the Technology Committee. He gave a re-cap of 2017, discussing the implementation of the Ride with GPS program. The committee began exploring club data and security and access. They are also looking at club document organization. All meetings so far have been “virtual meetings”. During the upcoming year the committee will look at new technologies like data security, document audit, exploring WebEx, and the use of GPX files for all rides. They will also possibly look at the use of social media in the club, like Strava, Facebook, and possibly a TCBC app.

Ride Stats Committee

Bob Fix spoke regarding the Ride Stats program. He gave a special thanks to Membership, and the website team, as well as all ride leaders and Don Hopkins for all they did to make Ride Stats work. Bob displayed a slide showing the ride miles for the last few years. The club is at a 5 year high for the number of members who participated in a ride. The club had more rides this year, but lower average number of miles per ride. Future plans for Ride Stats include integrating a new calendar to Ride Stats and make ride entry easier and creating templates. Also, to possibly include plans for showing ride cancellations on the ride calendar.

Safety Committee

George Blank addressed members on behalf of the Safety Committee. He thanked Paul Frenz for leading the new member rides. George displayed a copy of the club safety briefing card. George discussed the reported accidents for the past year. There were 16 total accidents for the year, 8 of the accidents required professional assistance.

Volunteer Committee

Mike Kubes discussed areas where volunteers are needed for the club, and told members that the volunteer opportunities are on the club website. Some of the upcoming needs are an event coordinator and newsletter articles.

Election of Directors

Pete May displayed a list of the 2017 Board of Directors Nominees. There are 4 incumbent nominees (Edward Eroe, Fran Rabe, Mike Kubes, Shelby Miller), and 1 new nominee (Ann Harris). Pete asked if there were any other nominees from the floor 3 times. A motion was made by Jarrod Elston to accept the Board of Directors nominees, and it was seconded by Kasey Kramer. The motion passed with no opposition.

Bike U

Bob Brown displayed a slide of the past years Bike U events including fat tire bike riding, and bike fits. If there are ideas for topics for the upcoming year of Bike U sessions, please reach out to Bob.


Doug Nelson spoke to members about the newsletter. There were 8 issues this past year. Most were 16 pages this year. Doug told everyone that articles were always welcome. Since last winter we have not been printing the whole calendar in the newsletter. Doug gave a special thanks to Steve Scott, who serves as the art director for the club.

Ride Leader Training

Pete Hawkins spoke on this subject. 3 classes were held this year for those who wanted to become a ride leader. There were a total of 18 new ride leaders trained. Pete Hawkins, Mike Beadles, Dan Miller, and Patt Seleen were instructors. The club currently has 188 ride leaders eligible to lead rides in 2017. Pete displayed a slide of the new ride leaders. There will be ride leader training again in 2018.

Looking ahead to 2018

Shelby Miller addressed members on the club’s focus for the next year. There will be continued attention on safety, and there will be new jerseys and promotional material to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary. There will be improvements to the ride stats program, and well as technological enhancements. Shelby displayed a slide of insurance related expenses, as the club is seeing an increase in premiums. He also informed everyone that the club’s awards banquet will be in February 10th, 2018, in the same location we are all currently in. Members must opt-in for a medal if they want one and are eligible.

Fran gave special thanks to everyone who helped with tonight’s program. She also thanked Diane Ziemer, who is an outgoing board member. Pete Hawkins stood to thank Fran for her service as club president.

Q and A

Q: What is the status of Iron Man?

A: Pete May answered this. He stated that the group who owns the Ironman no longer do bike rides, and are looking for a non-profit to take over the ride. There will most likely not be an Ironman in 2018. Paul Frenz also stated that the Bicycle Alliance of MN is looking at possibly taking it over, but it is not finalized yet.

Q: Are the tent and banner that were stolen insured?

A: Fran stated that she was not sure. The theft was only discovered a few hours ago, and the club is still looking into it.

A motion was made by Mike Kubes to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Mark Thornsjo. No objections were made. The meeting was adjourned at 8:26pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer