Minutes for TCBC Annual Meeting

November 6, 2016

Crystal Lake Golf Course Lakeville, MN

Recorded by Kasey Kramer

Roll Call and Proof of Notice Meeting

TCBC President Fran Rabe called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. There was sufficient attendance at the meeting to meet our quorum. Fran displayed the proof of meeting postcard on the overhead projector. Fran then introduced the board members and asked them to stand.

Introduction of the Board of Directors Slate

Shelby Miller introduced the board members that are up for re-election (Diane Ziemer, Kasey Kramer, George Blank, and Pete May) as well as one new board member, Bob Fix. Shelby asked if anyone else wanted to submit a name for nomination. He then asked for a motion to accept the board of director’s slate as is. A motion was made by Jarrod Elston to accept the board of director’s candidates. It was seconded by Bonnie Shoebottom. The motion passed with no opposition.

Reading of the 2015 minutes

Copies of the 2015 annual meeting minutes were placed on each table prior to the start of the meeting. Kasey Kramer asked if there were any changes to the minutes from last year’s meeting. There were no changes suggested. A motion was made by Clareyse Nelson to accept the minutes from last year. The motion was seconded by Mary Miller.

Reports of Officers

2016 Year in Review

Fran touched on various things from the past biking year. She made mention of last year’s annual meeting, and the recognition banquet. She also highlighted the ride leader forum, 5 Bike U events, and the VIP picnic. There were rides featured, including the Ironman ride, Rite of Spring, both spring and fall All Club Rides, North Star Bicycle Fest, Watermelon Ride, St Paul Bike Classic, and the Halloween Ride.

Fran took a moment to remember Kathy Horton, a club member who recently passed away.

Fran displayed a slide listing the various organizations who were a part of the 2016 charitable contributions who received donations/contributions from the club. Fran then showed off a picture of the club’s new tent which was purchased earlier this year. Fran highlighted some of the new changes made to the club this year. These included the new membership recruitment initiative, and changing the ride submission time to 48 hours in the winter months.

2017 Priorities

Fran also spoke on this subject. She spoke on a continued focus on safety for the next year. In addition the club will look at the evaluation of technology enhancements as well as a ride stats upgrade and improvement. The club will evaluate the new free membership with a bike purchase program. Starting in January there will no longer be ride descriptions printed in the newsletter, although we will continue to list outreach and special rides. Also the club will be designing and printing new brochures.

Financial Review

Roger Fickbohm spoke regarding the club’s financials. An audit of the club’s finances was done by Ginny Halloran and no issues were found. The club’s income is down about $5500, mostly due to the Watermelon ride and membership being somewhat down. However, food expenses and banquet expenses are also down. So although we lost some revenue we also saved on expenses. Roger reviewed the budget for 2017, and showed the balance sheets from last year as well. Roger highlighted the unrestricted savings account that was recently set up to always include money to cover 6 months of club expenses in case it is ever needed.

Reports of Committees

Membership Committee

Diane Ziemer spoke on behalf of the membership committee. First she thanked Mary, Scott, and Kristi for all their hard work. Diane told everyone that memberships are down around 3% from last year, and the number of head of household memberships have also declined. Diane felt that despite the decline in membership that we are still a strong club. She also touched on the new membership promotion the club is working on.

Sponsorship Committee

Ginny H. spoke on behalf of the sponsorship committee. This year the committee initiated a test program at Erik’s and Penn cycle where customers get a free TCBC membership with the purchase of a new bike. This lead to 78 new members. The hope is that these new members will renew their membership. In 2017 a committee will be watching these new members to see if they re-join. There was no increase in advertising rates for 2016. The 2016 sponsors were highlighted briefly. There were several new sponsors this year, and an increase in revenue due to event sponsors. Ginny reminded everyone to please visit sponsor stores and use your discount!! She also asked ride leaders to please use sponsor stores on your rides.

Technology Committee/Ride Stats

Bob Fix addressed members on behalf of the technology committee. This committee is new to the club. The committee will be initiating new meetings in November, and will be exploring new technologies and applications. Mileage stats for the current year vs last year were displayed. The miles ridden are down, but average rides are about the same.

Ride stats for the year is very close to being complete. There are just a few outstanding rides. Bob reminded riders to please renew your memberships ahead of time, and for ride leaders to please enter rides within two weeks of the ride. For this upcoming year, the technology committee will be working to decide the direction of ride stats, if the club will continue with the current system or go with something else.

Safety Committee

Paul Frenz told members that George Blank will join the safety committee this year. Paul displayed a copy of the ride briefing card for all to see. Paul then detailed the accidents riders had this year. There were 4 bike on bike collisions, 18 single bike falls, for a total of 22 accidents.

Volunteer Committee

Mike Kubes thanked everyone who has volunteered and helped out the club in various ways this year. Mike displayed a list of club activities where volunteers were used. This year volunteers participated in 3 corporate wellness events/health fairs. Mike told members there are several upcoming volunteer needs, including the annual banquet, Free Bikes 4 Kids, and an Ironman event coordinator. All volunteer needs and positions can be found on the website.

Bike U

Bob Brown re-capped the 2016 Bike U events and also spoke about the upcoming Bike U events in 2017. There is currently nothing scheduled for March so Bob asked that if anyone has any ideas to please let him know.


Doug Nelson spoke to members about the newsletter. He states there were no big changes to the newsletter this year. At the end of the year we will no longer be printing a list/description of rides each month. Doug said there were many good articles submitted this year, and he thanked Steve Scott for all his time and help as the club’s art director.

Ride Leader Training

Pete Hawkins took a moment to recognize all the ride leaders and thank them for all they do. This year there were 2 ride leader training classes held, resulting in 16 new ride leaders. Mike Beadles, Pete Hawkins, Pat Seleen, and Tom Melcher were the instructors. There will be training classes in 2017 for anyone who wants to be a ride leader.


Pete May talked to members about some upcoming events in the club. The recognition banquet will be in January 2017, in the same location we are currently in right now. Those eligible for a mileage award must op-in if you want a medal. The club could use banquet committee members, those interested should contact Mike Kubes. There will be a private sale for TCBC members at Now Bike and Fitness on November 17th to 20th. Members need to RSVP to this sale, and they can find the invite on the website under the e-news. The club’s swap meet will be March 25th, 2017.

Fran thanked all those who helped set up for the meeting tonight, and showed off the new club calendars that are for sale.

Q and A

Q: Has the tech committee considered an app for the club?

A: Yes, the tech committee is looking into it. They are time consuming and can be expensive, but the technology committee is looking at the option.

Pat Seleen thanked the board for all their hard work, and challenged all members to help recruit new members themselves.

Linda Johnson stated she loved the new 48 hour rule for putting in new rides.

Dave Geppner talked about the Texas Ride changing to Kerrville in mid-February.

Evie asked for everyone to please RSVP to the banquet before the cutoff, and if you RSVP please show up to the party.

The meeting was adjourned by Fran at 8:16pm.