2018-2019 TCBC Annual Business Meeting


Banquets of Minnesota


Roll Call/Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:20pm by club president Shelby Miller. Shelby displayed a slide showing the agenda for the meeting. Club secretary Kasey Kramer displayed a slide showing the proof of notice of the meeting, as well as a slide of the current board of directors. She then displayed a copy of the minutes from last year’s annual meeting. There were no corrections suggested. A motion was made by John Deininger to accept the meeting minutes, and it was seconded by Mary Nelsen. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

2019 Year in Review

Fran Rabe displayed a slide highlighting some of the club events from the past year. She also displayed a slide showing planned changes for 2020, as well as the 2019 charitable contributions recipients.

Committee Reports


George Blank presented on behalf of club treasurer Roger Fickbohm. George stated that the club is financially sound. There is more money in the accounts than last year. An audit of the club was performed by Jake Gjoraas and no exceptions were noted.


Ann Harris presented on behalf of the sponsorship committee. Ann showed a slide of all the committee members and explained what the sponsorship committee does for the club. She then displayed a slide showing sponsorship revenue as compared to last year. Ann asked members to visit sponsor stores and to use your discount, and to use stores/sponsors as ride start locations. She then displayed a slide of the 2019 sponsors.

Technology Committee

Edward Eroe presented information from the Technology Committee. Edward showed a slide of all the committee members. He then displayed a slide of what the tech committee has worked on in the past year, including the migration of the website, GPX file use, ride stats functionality, YouTube videos for training, and security and document organization. Edward then discussed the committee plans for 2020. Items discussed included go live of the website, exploring social media, API integration of calendars, updating training materials, and the possibility of an app for checking into rides.

Ride Stats

Bob Fix showed slides of ride stats committee members and gave thanks to Kristi Lindner from membership and Kate Kovar from sponsorship for all their help. Bob stated the club rode more miles than last year. However, the weather was worse, there were more cancelled rides this year than last. Bob also stated there were a lot of bug fixes over the past year to fix issues in ride stats. There are current issues with browsers on different phones. Upcoming changes to ride stats should fix this. For the upcoming year, ride stats is working on a mobile app to provide a calendar and to check into a ride.


Bob Fix also presented on behalf of membership committee. Bob stated membership is up about 3 percent this year. The club welcomed new members and leaders from the meetup group. The club is happy to have combined efforts this year. Bob also stated the club continued to attend community and corporate health fairs to encourage new members to join. Bob encouraged all members to support and welcome new members/riders. For the next year, the club would like to better market the value of club membership to current and perspective members. The club would also like to increase their social media profile. A group will be sending out a survey to members who left the club to find out what we can do better.


George Blank presented information from the safety committee. George thanked Paul Frenz for his column for the newsletter. George displayed a slide showing a copy of the ride safety briefing card. He also showed a slide detailing the 2019 accidents. There were 10 single bike accidents, 5 bike on bike accidents, 1 bike-vehicle accident.


Mike Kubes displayed a slide of volunteer teams and areas where volunteers are used. He also showed a slide of the key volunteers for the club. Mike also explained where on the club website the volunteer needs are posted.

Election of Directors

Dick Stardig displayed a slide of the nominees for the open board of directors’ spots and introduced the candidates. Dick asked for nominees from the floor 3 times. A motion was made by Alex Johnson to accept the nominated candidates, and it was seconded by Edward Eroe. The motion passed with no opposition.

Bike U

Bob Brown and Diana Cohen spoke about Bike U. Bob thanked the sponsors for their help with the Bike U programs. Bob introduced Diana, who is taking over the Bike U program. Diana touched on future topics and asked for suggestions for other topics.


Doug Nelson thanked all the writes and Steve Scott for all their help. Doug has almost finished profiling the supported organizations. Doug recapped different articles and topics from the past year. He also stated the number of issues will go down from 8 a year to 6 a year.



Ride Leader Training

Pete Hawkins spoke about ride leader training. He stated 2 ride leader classes were held this year with 23 new ride leaders trained. Pete, Jeff Johnson, and Patt Seleen led the classes. The club has 183 ride leaders eligible to lead in 2019. Pete told the club to look for training classes for 2020 on the club website. The date for the ride leader forum will be announced soon.

Looking Ahead

Shelby displayed a slide of what to expect in the next year. Shelby gave a thank you to outgoing board members Fran Rabe and Edward Eroe.

Q and A

 A question from the floor asked how the club attracts and retains members. Shelby asked all members to make new riders feel welcome and look for new potential members out riding.

A motion was made by Bob Fix to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Edward Eroe. There was no opposition.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer