Minutes Annual Meeting 2018

Meeting Minutes for TCBC Annual Meeting


Crystal Lake Golf Course Banquet Room

Club president Shelby Miller called the meeting to order at 7:00pm and displayed the meeting agenda.

Club secretary Kasey Kramer displayed a copy of the meeting minutes from last year’s annual meeting and asked for any corrections. There were no corrections to be made. A motion was made by Jake Gjoraas to approve the minutes, and it was seconded by Mike Kubes. There was no opposition, the motion passed.

Fran Rabe displayed a slide showing the past year in review, and touched on items from the past year the club was involved in. She also showed a slide detailing what was new in 2018, including the 48-hour rule, partner rides, and the anniversary kits. Fran also displayed a slide of the charitable contribution recipients.

Committee Reports

Financial Reports

George Blank presented the financial report to the club. He displayed financial data, detailing costs for things like insurance, food, and the newsletter. He also displayed the balance sheet, showing the club is more solid this year than last year.


Jake Gjoraas gave everyone a background on the audit he performed and how it was done. TCBC received an unqualified audit opinion, no exceptions were noted.

Membership Committee

Bob Fix spoke on behalf of membership. He gave thanks to all on the membership committee for their work. There has been a 19% decrease in membership from 2014 to 2018. Bob detailed ideas to maintain and increase members like corporate fairs and partner rides. Members were encouraged to promote the club to friends and family.

Sponsorship Committee

Ginny Halloran spoke on behalf of sponsorship. She displayed a slide detailing sponsorship revenue. This past year sponsor and event ads were down slightly. Ginny encouraged all members to help recruit new sponsors, and to please visit stores who are sponsors and shop there. Ginny displayed a slide showing all the sponsors for the past year.

Technology Committee

Edward Eroe spoke on behalf of the technology committee. He listed the members of the committee and thanked them for their work. Edward detailed some of the things the committee worked on in the past year, including the transition of the website, new ride stats implementation, club data and security, and the “Ride with GPS” rides. He also spoke of the committees plans for 2019, such as exploring video conferencing, the use of social media, use of GPX files for the all club ride, and looking at a TCBC app.

Ride Stats

Bob Fix spoke to the club about Ride Stats. He gave thanks to all who helped with scheduling, and membership for all their help. Overall mileage was down from last year, about a 13% decrease from last year. All rides are in and reconciled, Bob thanked all the ride leaders for their hard work. In the past year, 72% of members participated in at least one ride, which is similar to last year, and 89% of scheduled rides were led as scheduled. Bob detailed the future of Ride Stats, including integration with “Ride with GPS” and the possibility of ride leaders being able to edit details and correct entry mileage.

Safety Committee

George Blank spoke to the club regarding safety. He thanked Paul Frenz for his help and his column in the newsletter. George displayed a copy of the ride briefing card. George also displayed a slide showing the accidents from the past year. There were 12 total accidents, 7 single bike accidents, 1 bike on bike accident, 2 bike and vehicle accidents, and 1 bike and pedestrian accident.

Volunteer Committee

Mike Kubes displayed a slide of all the various areas volunteers are used in the club. He also thanked Evie for all her help with tonight’s meeting and set-up. Mike showed a list of events the club used volunteers for in the past year and asked for members to look at the website for volunteer opportunities.

Election of Directors

Pete May displayed a list of nominees for the 2018 Board of Directors. Pete asked for nominees from the floor 3 separate times. There were none. A motion was made by Mark Thornsjo to accept the nominations, and it was seconded by Alex J. The motion passed with no opposition.

Bike U

Bob Brown showed a slide of the past years Bike U topics and one of upcoming planned topics for 2019. He discussed the 2018 partner rides program and doing some surveys to improve things. There were 4 partner rides led by club ride leaders. The 2019 topics planned for so far include a program on the Major Taylor Bike Club and local chapter, a program on 3-speed British bicycles, and a program on electric assist bikes. Bob also stated he is looking for a partner for Bike U.


Doug Nelson discussed the newsletter with the club. There were 8 issues of the newsletter this year, and there were lots of “historical articles”. Doug asked for new articles for 2019. He also gave thanks to different members for contributing something to every issue. He also thanked Steve Scott for all his work as art director.

Ride Leader Training

Pete Hawkins spoke about ride leader training in the past year. There were 3 ride leader training sessions in 2018, and 19 total participants. The sessions were led by Mike Beadles, Jeff Johnson, Pat Seleen and Pete Hawkins. There was a total of 119 ride leaders eligible to lead rides in 2018.

Looking ahead to 2019

Shelby displayed a slide detailing what is coming up for the club. There will be a continued focus on safety, and the club will explore ways to increase membership.


The club’s recognition banquet will be on February 16th, 2019 in the same location as tonight’s meeting. Members need to opt-in for a mileage award.

A special thanks was sent out to everyone who helped with tonight’s meeting planning and presenters.

A big thank you was sent out to Pete May as an outgoing board member.

Q and A

Doug Nelson mentioned looking at changing the route for the all club ride in the spring, perhaps going further out into the country…

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Edward Eroe, and was seconded by John Denninger, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Meeting minutes recorded by Kasey Kramer.