We have now completed our first week of solo rides and are well into our second week. Once again, we have learned a lot as we have progressed, and it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. The Tech Committee was pleased to see 137 registrations for our first seven solo rides and decided there was enough interest to continue with this project. Thanks to everyone who came out and gave one of our rides a try and thanks to the efforts the Tech Committee put into making these happen.

For week two we added four new solo ride leaders to test out our training materials and expand our ride options. We discovered putting on a solo ride is no easy task and required a lot of support to get all of the steps completed for the new leaders. With 6 rides on the calendar for Sunday we opted to add 4 new rides on Wednesday with all rides being able to be ridden for a full week from the date they were posted.

One of the software changes we implemented was to give Solo Rides a new ride type. You will now see them listed as “Self Paced” rather than the traditional letter ride types you are used to seeing on the calendar. You will see a new, dark green button for Self Paced rides to the left of the traditional lettered ride types at the top of the ride calendar. At this time clicking that button will take you to the ride key but as of this point we have not had time to get information on Self Paced rides included there. For more information you should click on the button labeled “More About Self Paced Solo Rides” which will detail how to register for the rides.

As we head into week three of testing, we plan to bring on a couple additional solo ride leaders and work with the four new leaders from last week to finalize their rides. Be sure and help us all out by reporting your ride mileage after you complete your solo ride! Remember all mileage must be reported within 24 hours of the final ride date. We have reposted many of our original Sunday listed rides with a couple of changes to the lineup for today. Look for new rides to appear on Wednesday as we try to offer you a variety of riding options around the Twin Cities. We would love to have you get out there and give them a try so we know we are providing a valuable riding experience for our members. Even though we all would prefer to be out riding again with our whole club membership, solo rides are currently our next best option.

TCBC Technology Committee